Jeep Invasion


2014 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival - Jeep Invasion

Spectators lined Main Street literally as far as the eye could see.


2014 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival - Jeep Invasion

An estimated 20,000 spectators came to walk 16 blocks of Main Steet and view the 1, 200 Jeeps on display,

Every year in June, Jeeps rule downtown Butler, Pa completely taking over Main Street.  For 16 entire blocks, the streets were lined Friday night with Jeeps parked on both sides of the street. Maximum parking capacity  for Jeeps is 1,200 and this year every spot was taken. Participants came from all the Mid-Atlantic States to participate. The annual Jeep Invasion pays homage to the Bantam Jeep which was originally invented, developed and produced in Butler, PA.

2014 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival - Jeep Invasion

Climbing the tire of your neighbor’s Jeep seemed to be a popular sight.

Bands and DJ’s played along Main Street. Restaurateurs on Main Street set up shop on the sidewalk to feed the estimated 20,000 spectators who came to walk the entire length of the downtown area.

2014 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

Saturday and Sunday will find 1,600 Jeeps at the nearby Cooper’s Lake Campgrounds with off-roading, mudding and trail ride activities. The annual event is organized by the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau.