Scottevest RFID-Blocking Vest with 24 pocketsTravelers now have one less thing to worry about with the new Scottevest RFID-Blocking Vest just introduced at  Instead of a small bag or pouch for your passport, wouldn’t you rather it be part of a concealed compartment in a pickpocket-proof vest?

The newest vest in the Scottevest line is loaded with pockets as you’ve come to expect, but this time they’ve actually woven the RFID-blocking material right into the garment and put in under a Velcro flap, inside a pocket, inside the vest.  No pickpocket is going to take anything out of that pocket without you knowing what’s happening. And with the RFID materials surrounding your digital data, no wireless thief is going to get your information either. There’s even a $1,000 pickpocket guarantee.

As good as that is, a vest isn’t going to suit you if it isn’t comfortable, and this one certainly is. Made of lightweight 100% polyester, this vest is smooth and really soft to the touch, but resists stains and cleans up easily.  An internal mesh layer helps with breathability and comfort when it gets warmer.


The other feature I love about Scottevest products is their Ergonomic Weight Management System. When you’ve got lots to carry, their vests and jackets distribute the load ideally, making it much easier to walk around all day with a lot of weight being distributed by your vest or jacket.

There are 24 pockets in the men’s model and 17 pockets in the ladies.  Colors available are: Black, Khaki, Navy, Olive for men and Black, Khaki, Grey, Red for women.

From the video you can easily see that you can carry a lot of stuff without anyone knowing what you have.  Would I normally carry that much in my vest – probably not, but when traveling in a potentially bad neighborhood, it’s ideal for keeping your valuable items out of sight. I’ve seen cellphones snatched out of people’s hands in town squares and in stadiums, and you can’t beat keeping your items concealed.

So, what all did I pack in my vest?  Check it out and tell me if you’ve got anything that holds this much.  Your backpack doesn’t count.



USB Drives

Pocket knife

Battery pack for recharging



Olympus recorder



Boarding passes

Wi-Fi hotspot





Hotel key



Ricoh Theta 360 camera

Nikon P7700 camera

SD cards

Lavalier microphone

Ear buds

Road atlas

Printed itinerary

Water bottle

Business cards

Nexus 7 in protective case


Check out the specs on the new Scottevest RFID-Blocking Vest and think about what you want protected.