Twice a year, outdoor retailers make the pilgrimage to Salt Lake City for the largest showing of new products for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your thing is biking, hiking, fishing, camping, swimming, running, kayaking, paddle boarding…or whatever, if it can be done outside, chances are your local dealer is here ordering up the newest of the new.

Over the next five days, we’ll be bringing you the greatest new things we find at the show.  Hit “Subscribe” to be notified when each new article is posted.

It started today, and we’ve already got nine fun things worth considering:

GoPro for Fido

When Fido is flushing out a pheasant or diving into a pond, wouldn’t you love to see what he sees?  Now you can with your GoPro camera and Fetch – the new harness for your dog.  Mount the camera on his back or chest for various points of view.

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

Glasses over your glasses

If you are looking for stylish sunglasses to fit over your present eyeglasses, check out the wide variety available from Jonathan Paul Eyewear. Fitovers come in various sizes depending the glasses you wear now and come complete with a clip-on case, cleaning cloth and adjustable neck cord.

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

Big wheels for parents/grandparents

Tired of watching your kids have all the fun on big wheel bikes?  Now there’s a parent/grandparent size bike called High Rollers.  Drift the corners just like when you were a kid, but faster.  Super fun – I loved it.

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

Fine cuisine over a camp stove?

Yep – no reason you need to have plain hot dogs just because you are camping.  Easy to follow, easy to cook recipes from Chef Stephen Weston in his new book, In The Wild Chef.  Tried his salmon and rice – now that’s a camp meal!

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

Sit while you stand-up paddleboard.  Heresy?

Just because you bought the hottest new thing in watersports, you don’t need to always stand.  With this VentureGlide seat, you simply place it on any board (no attachment necessary), sit and use a different set of muscles while you relax your legs.  Folds down instantly when you want to stand again.

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

Pop-up shade tent sets up in under 10 seconds

Pop up a three-sided tent for instant 50 SPF sun protection faster than you can open and apply your sunscreen.  Large and small models are available from LightSpeed and are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or someone who just wants some shade while out on the beach.  Pictured here is the QUICK SHELTER IV  and with one pull on the drawstring, it opens as fast as your umbrella.

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

Got game in your pocket?

With Pocket Disc in your backpack or car trunk, you’ve always got the makings of fun right at hand. Toss them like a Frisbee, but they’re soft and harmless.  Buy them with or without the Frogs target cloth.  Suitable for all ages – dozens of games can be played with your kids or with your dog.

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir


Crazy cool shades without sticker shock

Designer sunglasses may look cool, but come on – why pay for the name when you can get better performance and just as much style for ¼ to ½ the price? Tifosi offers interchangeable lenses, frames for most sports and a lifetime warranty. Unless you’ve got money to burn, you best check out their line. Pictured is the Dolomite 2.0 that comes with three interchangeable lenses.


Hot water plus USB power wherever there’s a flame

Whether you use a BioLite stove or any other heat source, now there’s a teapot that will not only heat your water, but will generate USB power simultaneously (and even store the charge for later if you prefer.) The BioLite KettleCharge boils and sanitizes your water while generating 10W of electrical power to recharge your phone, tablet, etc. Use it at camp, but it’s also great to have in case of emergency at home. (coming in September)

Outdoor Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir

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