We continue traipsing the floors of the 2014 Outdoor Retailers Show in Salt Lake City, looking for products to improve your outdoor adventures.  Today we have a wide variety of products guaranteed to put more fun in your weekends or your month long road trips.

Check out this collection of new or almost new gadgets for standup paddleboarding, camping, tailgating, light painting, driving, fishing, exercising or working out.

Do you SUP?  It’s the latest craze

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is the hottest water sport sweeping the country today. To get started, consider the benefits of an inflatable board that can be transported in any vehicle, yet inflated and deflated in minutes. The Hala Hoss BT board offers a great combination of stability, maneuverability and the ability to transform it with a kayak seat. The BT weighs just 32 pounds and measures 10’10” long. With a 35” width, this would make a great fishing platform. Ideal for family paddling, this board is ready for a still lake or a fast-paced river and whitewater. The Hala Hoss BT is the green board between Maureen and I. That’s the one we have our eyes on.


This sleeping bag can walk

Why settle for a confining sleeping bag when you can get a form fitting sleep wear system from Selk’bag USA.  Step in, zip up and be just as comfortable (even more so) than being in an old fashioned sleeping bag.  Wear it inside or out, each bag has an ingeniously designed system of Velcro straps to keep the bag from slipping while moving around.  Pick from multiple models, sizes and colors at www.selkbagusa.com/.


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Portable air conditioner and cooler

Why settle for your drinks being cold, when you can be cold as well.  This unique ice chest has a built-in circulating piping system that pushes cold water through a radiator and blows cold air out of the flexible tube atop the cooler. Under normal conditions, the IcyBreeze can blow cold air up to 35 degrees colder than the ambient air. Using internal power, this unit will pump cold air up to six hours before needing to be recharged, or continuously if plugged into a 12v or 110v power source. Even with the cooling system installed, you still have a generous 38QT capacity for plenty of beverages. For more info, check them out at www.icybreeze.com.

icy breeze

Room with a view

When you go camping, do you go to ugly places? Didn’t think so. So why are tent manufacturers so reluctant to give you picture windows to enjoy the scenery? I don’t know that either. Fear not though, in searching the show this year I discovered what I feel is the tent with the best view in town – the Ticla TeaHouse 3.  Two sides have full width windows and the other two sides have full zip doors with similar full-width screens.  With the rain fly in place, you’ll still even be able to enjoy the view during a slight shower. Thoughtfully designed, this tent is not only one of the most practical, it is also one of the best looking. See more at www.ticla.com.


Light up the night

When the sun goes down, your best friend could be a good flashlight.  Tovatec makes an amazingly bright, 220 lumen zoom torch powered by mini USB and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. One switch cycles the Sports TAC2000 through 100% power, 30% power, strobe and off. Swimming?  Take it with you. It’s good to 100m. Available end of September from http://tovatec.com. Photographers, this is the light you’ve been looking for light-painting. Watch our blog for some sample images.

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I can see clearly now

Guideline Eyegear comes from a 40-year tradition of making polarized glasses for fisherman. Whatever your sport, Guideline Eyegear now probably makes a specialty set of sunglasses for you. We were drawn to the Swift style with its spring hinges, aluma frame, rubberized nose pads and temple tips. Many styles are available as prescription bifocals. We also got a sneak peek at the 2015 line that’s coming.  You’ll want to keep an eye out for some great new styles due in January.

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Strap on your tunes and more

Now you can strap your iPhone or any other smartphone up to 3.5” x 5.3” to your arm and still have room to add keys, credit cards, ID and cash. Each Armpocket case comes with a touch control window, is water resistant, constructed of no-slip memory foam, and is machine washable. To insure a proper fit, Armpocket comes in three strap lengths with an additional strap extender if needed. Good sized pulls make it easy to load and unload.

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Not your normal energy bar

These bars are Epic.  Epic bars are actually high-in-nutrient and low-in-sugar protein bars made from 100% grass fed animals.  Choose from bison, turkey, beef or lamb. Grass fed beef contains 2 to 5 times more Omega 3 fatty acids, but approximately 25% of the total fat of comparable grain fed cattle. Gluten free, most everyone can enjoy animal based protein just like our ancestors did. Check out www. epicbar.com for more information. Take it from me – these are soooo much better than jerky.

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Rethinking women’s underwear             

Technology meets style in this collection of women’s undergarments. Not only are they panty-line free and ultra-lightweight, but the Lycra freshFX fabric wicks sweat away from your body to keep you fresh and comfortable. If you want unders that don’t shrink, maintain shape and fit retention, are absorbant and anti-microbial, you’ll want to check out the full line at www.knixwear.com.


Socks that keep you moving

Vim & Vigr has a line of socks that you’ll want to check out if you plan on spending a lot of time on your feet each day.  All their socks have a graduated compression beginning at the ankle and increase circulation throughout your leg. With more blood flow, you’ll probably notice less fatigue while walking or hiking like I did. We’ve been using them for a couple weeks now and really enjoy how well they perform. Vim & Vigr comes in a wide variety of materials and colors, so check out their entire line at www.vimvigr.com.

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Fight back against poison ivy and oak

One of life’s little surprises when hiking the back woods is the inevitable brush with poison ivy or poison oak.  Left untreated, the itch worsens and you invariably spread it to even more areas.  TecNu to the rescue.  Removing the resin-like substance that causes the rash and its spread on your skin is the first order of business and Tecnu does just that. Afterwards, apply Calagel for relief from the itch or pain. Available in packet or tubes online or from major retail and drug stores.


Self-heating meals made for your backpack

Picture cooking your dinner without ever starting a fire.  It’s super easy with Chef 5 Minute Meals. Up to 5 year shelf life and needs no refrigeration.  Open the pack and everything you need is included. A moisture activated heat source cooks your meal in five minutes and is then disposed of in its own bag. We tried the Chicken Cacciatore and it was very tasty. Next meal is going to be Beef Stew. Check their full line of meals here.


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Armpocket i-20 armband for iPhone 4/4s or similar phones and cases up to 4.5 inches. Khaki, Small Strap Length

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Ticla Teahouse 3 Tent Oyster Grey/Antique White/Aluminum

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Selk Bag 4G Lite Surf the Web Large
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Chef 5 Minute Meals Chicken Pasta Parmesan (Pack of 6)

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