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Today wrapped up the 2014 Outdoor Retailers Show in Salt Lake City, with hundreds of new products showcased and hundreds more with updates and improvements made since last year.  Whether your love is cycling, running, water sports, hiking, camping, or just plain picnicking in the park, we think we’ve found some things you are likely to enjoy.

We include products today for anyone who wants to get outdoors and enjoy nature.  Be sure to see links throughout the article for even more products featured over the last five days. If you’ve purchased one of the products, please leave a comment at the end of the article and tell us how they performed for you.

100 years and still burning

If you ever went camping in the sixties and you had a portable camp stove, chances are it was a Sterno stove.  A simple corrosion-resistant frame folds together in minutes and will hold small to medium sized pans or coffee pots.  The benefits of Sterno fuel are legendary: no liquids to spill, instantly lights with just one match, constant heat throughout the entire meal and instantly extinguishes itself by replacing the cap. No wonder they’ve been around for a hundred years. Made in the USA in Texas.


 Selfies made simple

Get in the picture with the XShot 2.0 (P/N: XS2379) camera extender. Holding cameras up to 1.25 pounds, the XShot 2.0 attaches easily with a rotating tripod mounting screw. Your camera can be extended from 9” to 37” by simply pulling out the six-section shaft. No need to twist to lock, it’s simply held by friction. A built in tripod socket hole at the end of the handle allows other accessories to be attached.

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World’s easiest tie down…or hoist up

Available in 3/8” rope size (300# rating) or ¼” rope size (150# rating), the Tie Boss pulley system is ideal for tying down heavy loads or suspending loads high above. What sets the Tie Boss apart is that it can all be done with one hand. Once the object is in place, simply set the rope just like a venetian blind and it’s locked in place. To loosen, simply pull again and lower your object. Say goodbye to annoying ratchets and pinched fingers. For dozens of other usage ideas, see their website at


Tepee shower and outhouse tent

Not a new product, but still the best solution for those private times at camp, by the pool, while tailgating, after the marathon or on the road. Tens of thousands of these are in use across the country. Easy to erect in less than five minutes. A convenient 4’6” foot square by 7’10” tall, there’s a suspended shelf to hold a 3 gallon shower bag.  Use it with or without the optional drain capture floor which easily connects to a standard 5/8” garden hose. More details can be seen at their website:

Copy of tepeeThumb_500_475

MiniNet grabs it all

When you’ve got a favorite backpack, but it just doesn’t quite hold everything you need, you’ve got a couple choices…one of which is getting another pack. The better alternative is to invest in a MiniNet from Tribe One.  Perfect for adding up to 18 liters of exterior storage to just about any pack, it installs in just minutes and the net matrix quickly removes for days when it’s not needed. Perfect for adding a ground cloth, tripod or other awkwardly shaped object, the webbing will hold it firmly in place. Comes with a  lifetime guarantee.


EnerPlex keeps the power flowing

When you’re out in the field for days on end, or if the grid should go down in an emergency, backup power is a wonderful thing to have available.  With the soon to be released EnerPlex line of Generatr’s,  you can power your phone dozens of times or tablets, laptops or even large screen TV’s. The Generatr 100 will recharge a typical laptop 1-2 times while the Generatr 1200 will recharge it 20+ times. Despite the huge power capacity of the 1200, it’s only 40 pounds in weight. Watch the EnerPlex website for expected December availability.


Keeping afloat

If you need a personal flotation device (PFD), you’ll do well to look at the offerings from MTI Adventurewear. With a wide variety of offerings, I was impressed with the Voyager highback model. You’re sure to like the large, single front “zip & go” zipper with oversized pulls. Multiple pockets are available for your phone, prescription glasses, and hobby essentials. The vest has two fleece lined hand warmer pockets for those cold mornings. Reflective trim and a secured signal whistle are included for safety.


Let there be light

Ever tried to shoot GoPro video at night?  Not the most compelling image.  Add the new hi-powered Qudos Action mini video light from Knog for instant improvement. Select from wide angle, narrow angle or ultra wide angle.  This 400 lumen light is waterproof to 40m, and puts out 5000k color light.

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Take your phone for a swim

Not only does the Travelon Waterproof smart phone pouch (12706) keep your smart phone dry, it also allows the use of ear buds under water.  Both the audio jack and the ear buds are waterproof. Safe for fresh and salt water use.


One GPS+

Timex just introduced One GPS+, a premium wrist watch with InstaFix GPS speed and distance. Now receive phone free messaging with one year free AT&T mobile data service.  Powered by a Qualcomm processor, the watch also serves as a Bluetooth 4GB music player. Available fall 2014.

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More like a bed than a bag

The Nemo Mezzo Loft 30 synthetic sleeping bag has a sleeve that accepts a 25 inch wide pad for a truly comfortable night’s sleep anywhere. The waterproof and breathable footbox protects the user from tent wall condensation.  Dual side zippers allow you to sit up easily or to link multiple bags together.

8-10-2014 12-17-03 AM

Good To-Go

Gourmet chef Jennifer Scism takes fresh produce to create her four Good To-Go food offerings and then dehydrates them for your camping or trail enjoyment. Select from Herbed Mushroom Risotto, Smoked Three Bean Chili, Thai Curry and Classic Marinara with Penne.  Now there’s no reason you have to leave good food behind when you hit the trail.


Bamboo is better

When it comes to performance wear, there’s lot to be said for bamboo technology. Things like super lightweight, odorless, moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, quick dry and easy care. Now Tasc Performance is adding to their line of bamboo wear, showing a combination of bamboo +Merino_18.5 for a super, super soft Compass 1/2-zip, long sleeve shirt. Coming spring 2015, this shirt will be available from size S through XXL.


Slip on comfort for your feet

When you’re done with hiking, skiing, etc. and you want to get out of your boots and relax, now there’s a super lightweight packable shoe you can slip into called Pakems. Made to store in their own storage sack with a shoulder strap, they are easy to take along on any adventure. One pull lacing, an EVA midsole and a durable outsole makes a great choice for your packable footwear. Available in low and high-top styles.

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