We were heading out west for a 2-1/2 week road trip that would take us through much of Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska.  Wanting to take a lot of food for camping, we looked around for the best cooler we could find…and we found it. Pelican0001 The Pelican 65QT Elite Cooler is unlike anything we’ve used before.  Its main feature is the two inches of insulation on all sides and freezer-style gasket that keeps ice for up to 10 days. Pelican0002 So did it work – yes!  The trick is to keep the freezer full to the top with food or ice. Initially we didn’t put in enough ice to fill the chest and it was all water in four days.  Really cold water, but water none-the-less. Later, we followed instructions, and filled it to the brim with ice – some cubes and one block.  As we headed home, we only opened the chest a couple times each day and after four days of sitting in a hot, black SUV, the ice was still probably 75% there.  I’ve no doubt it could have lasted 7 to 10 days as advertised. Pelican0000   This premium chest is guaranteed for life and is rock solid.  The handles are all quality and feel extremely sturdy.  The steel molded-in hasp provides for utmost security if you want people to stay out. How tough???

The Pelican ProGear is certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. With molded in tie-downs, non-skid feet and a molded-in ruler for measuring your fish, this cooler will last you forever.  Check them out on-line – available in seven sizes from 20QT to 250QT.