As a fan of technology, photography and travel, there are dozens of things that inspire me.

Waterfalls, sunset and clouds

  • Sunsets, waterfalls and big puffy white clouds inspire me to travel.
  • A great new camera inspires me to take more photos.
  • A sleek new computer inspires me to try new projects.
  • And my grandkids always inspire me to attend more of their games, concerts & performances.

You get the idea.  There are gazillions of things that inspire people to DO more – each one in a different way.

So, I’m asking a favor with this post.  To help us plan our upcoming editorial content, please leave a comment below that goes something like this:

(Name) from (City, State or Country) – (BLANK) inspires me to DO.

I’d love to see how far around the world we can gather responses and how they compare by country. We’ll share in a future post.  Thanks for your time – I sincerely appreciate it.