The good folks at Case Logic let me try out one of their Reflexion DSLR +iPad Cross-Body Bags and I’ve been hauling it everywhere I went over the last four weeks.  This thing is great when you are out for the day and don’t want to pack tons of gear into a backpack.

Reflexion DSLR Bag 5


Large enough to hold what you need for a day’s shooting, as well as having your tablet, this doesn’t scream “CAMERA BAG!” to the bad guys if you are street shooting in less than the best part of town. It’s also comfortable enough that you probably won’t notice the weight.

I’ve used it repeatedly for:

  • Night high school football games with my DSLR with 70-200 f2.8 lens attached and spare 50mm f1.4 along with a light jacket stuffed inside.
  • City shooting with the above two lenses as well as a 20mm wide angle.
  • Soccer meets and cross country meets with my DSLR and 18-270 lens along with a couple bottles of water.
  • Architectural shooting with a second DSLR body, 12-24mm wide angle and 20mm fisheye.

This thing really is flexible.  The padded interior drawstring organizer can also be removed if you want to convert this to a business-only bag for books or binders.

Only downside I found is that the top zipper requires two hands to get started, but that’s a small price to pay for such a flexible, good looking bag. Available in three colors.

Check it out along with its smaller and larger cousins at or buy it on Amazon.


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