Photographers always want to show off their work on the biggest, best canvases and in the mobile phone category, they don’t come much bigger than the Nokia Lumia 1520 with Windows 8.1.  This 6” phablet has a big bold screen and is large enough to easily share with a group.

Nokia Lumia 1520

It obviously handles all the phone, email, texting, social networking tasks with ease, but what can a traveling photographer expect from it?  Let’s look at its qualifications to be that spare camera each photographer knows he needs.

Hit the photo highlights:

For camera fans, you know you’ll get great shots with a Zeiss lens.

20MP image sensor gives plenty of wiggle room to crop after the shot if needed

Dual LED flash provides additional illumination

Comes loaded with Nokia Pro Camera and Nokia Creative Studio apps

ISO Ranges from 100 to 4000 manually or automatically selected

Shutter speeds from 4 seconds to 1/16,000 second

Exposure adjustments available from -3.0 stops to +3.0 stops

Automatic bracketing available

Shoot in multiple JPEG resolutions simultaneously or JPEG & DNG

Auto, manual and infinity focus settings

White balance settings for Auto, Cloudy, Sunny, Flourescent & Incandecent

Shooting in DNG gives you the maximum post processing power possible.

Four microphones give you better stereo separation for your videos

Display resolution of 1920 x 1080 for full HD playback

Wishlist only:  I’d prefer the front/rear camera selection to be on the home screen. It’s in the setting menu instead.  Also, I’d love an F-stop choice but there is none.

Travelers highlights:

You can download maps from around the world so you’ll have them on your phone and not need a data connection while traveling.

Cortana is Window Phone 8.1’s able bodied assistant who can find your locations and complete your tasks from your verbal commands.

Download a couple movies for when you’re stuck at the airport.  Plays back beautifully on the HD screen.

Check out their accessories, this little guy is great for those dead battery moments and this one will keep you from leaving things behind.

In the hands of a pro:

Check out the results Stephen Alvarez gets from his 1520.



So, I think the answer is yes – this large form phone can easily slip into your camera vest or shirt pocket and be that extra camera we all want to carry with us.  Check it out online with applicable pricing plans.