When you have a number of cameras, GPS units or other gadgets that you like to mount in your vehicle, you begin to notice the limited range of motion most factory mounts give you. That’s a problem no more if you try the new ActionGrip 3-in-1 Camera Mount Kit by PanaVise. Heavy duty, hold’s like glue – this could be the answer for many of your mounting challenges.

The ActionGrip 3-in-1 Camera Mount Kit #13150 does just what its name implies – giving you three distinct mounting methods depending on your specific needs.  Easy to customize, it comes with all the parts you need to build it three different ways. Takes just seconds to reconfigure.

Let me give you three real life scenarios:

Shorty configuration

When you want minimum vibration, and you don’t need to position it in a strange place, this is the best configuration to use. Low and snug, this position will create the least vibration and gives a video the best change for minimum shaking and jiggling.

PanaVise Action Grip 3-in-1 Camera Mount

You can see here, I used it to mount a Garmin VIRB action cam just up and over my exterior rear view mirror. From here, I could film myself through the window as I drove.

SAFETY NOTE:  Before driving with anything mounted outside the vehicle, I always attach two pieces of heavy duty fishing line, one to the camera and one to the mount…just in case.  Haven’t ever needed them yet, but I like to err on the side of caution.

Single knuckle configuration

If you just need a little more room, or need a 90 degree mount, this is the setup for you.  I’m using it here with my GoPro Hero 3 action camera.

PanaVise Action Grip 3-in-1 Camera Mount

I used it here on the side of the driver’s door to get a low angle as I drove down the street.  Angled back, I could film the road behind me as I drove along.  Angled forward, I could get a view with the street and my tire as it negotiated the curves.

Double knuckle configuration

This is now my new go-to mount for those “impossible” shots.  With two ball joints, you can put your camera just about anywhere.


PanaVise Action Grip 3 in 1

This is an HP DashCam that I tested earlier this year.  It does a great job, but it was impossible to position close to the window glass with the mount HP provided.  The further back from the glass, the more extraneous reflections I got off my dash.  In the bright sun, that was a problem.

Now, with the ActionGrip, I can literally position the camcorder lens within a fraction of an inch from the glass.  This makes for much better video.

Ultimately flexible

If your camera has a 1/4×20 mounting screw (most do), then this is the mount for you.  The large suction cup holds in cold and hot temperatures, but HINT, get the car and ActionGrip to the same temperature before attaching them to each other. You’ll love the way it works. Easy to attach, easy to detach.

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