Ever have the need for that covert video?  Do you wish you could shoot video without being noticed?  Oh, yeah, I know you have. Now there’s a simple solution. Designed to look like a car key fob, no one will be the wiser as you carry it.

Swann RemoteCam covert camera

HD RemoteCam – Covert 720P Digital Video Camera

Swann RemoteCam covert cameraWith the new HD RemoteCam from Swann (SWVID-RMC720) you can record up to 25 minutes of HD quality video and audio on the included 2GB micro-SD card. It will record as a color AVI file that should play on all computers. Need more time?  It will take up to a 32 GB card. It also shoots stills at 1600×1200 pixels.

Since you don’t get a viewfinder on the unit, use the following rules of thumb for framing.  To get a good head shot – plan on being about three feet away.  For a full height body shot – plan to be back about 10 feet.

Downloading or sharing the file couldn’t be simpler, just hook up a standard USB1 cable and make the transfer. The USB cable also serves as a charger and when fully charged, it will shoot for an hour.

Some samples:

With this photo, you can see I had the cam laying on the library counter as I waited for the librarian.

Swann RemoteCam covert camera

In this case, I was holding the cam as I walked down the street.

Swann RemoteCam covert camera

In neither case did anyone ever expect I was filming them.

About Swann:

Swann specializes in security monitoring as well as electronic gadgets and toys.  Check out their entire line at: http://www.swann.com/us/