Haven’t had the chance to get hands on one of these sweet things yet, but just had to share the drop dead specs available on this category killer:

Yoga Tablet 2 Pro 

Biggest features:

Integrated 50″ wide projector built in

8 Watt JBL speakers with bass subwoofer.

Larger kickstand offers multiple viewing angles, including new “Hang” mode (like a picture frame)

13.3″ Quad HD screen – 2560×1440 resolution

15 hour battery life

Intel Atom Processor with Android v4.4 KitKat

Front and rear cameras – rear lense is f2.2 with autofocus

32 GB storage with 64GB microSD-available

Optional clip-on BT keyboard acts as a cover

Update 2/20/15
I’ve been doing hands-on testing with the Tablet 2 Pro for a couple weeks now, and it’s just as awesome as I thought it would be. Stay tuned for a full review.

Watch the Yoga 2 Tablet Pro rollout at 1:50:00 with Ashton Kutcher



Click on the spec sheet for a full size version:

Yoga 2 Pro Tablet spec sheet

This ladies and gentlemen is the ultimate home entertainment machine that will go where ever you want it to.   The Yoga 2 also comes in four other models without projection:

8″ Android

8″ Windows

10″ Android

10″ Windows

Check them all out here at Lenovo.com.