As cool as the GoPro is, it’s small and not the easiest thing to grip and shoot with. Steadicam, maker of the defacto standard in smooth camera holders, has now come out with Steadicam Curve, specially designed for the family of GoPro cameras. Small and lightweight enough, you can pop it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

Steadicam Curve with GoPro

Take your GoPro with standard clip mount and pop it right onto the GoPro base atop the Curve.  Adjust forward and backward balance with a small knob on the mount. Adjust left to right balance with the larger chrome tube at the bottom of the curve.  Start shooting.  It’s just about that easy.

Originally designed for GoPro’s with the LCD back, they now include additional weights to balance any combination of GoPro camera, with or without back. Go to and select your camera and you’ll get a list of the different weights to ensure proper balance.

When I first got the unit, I didn’t consult the chart and nothing seemed to balance right.  Read the instructions, added the weights, and “Oh Wow!”, this thing works great.

It will only take you a few minutes to get the feel of turning your camera, if done as suggested.  A light pressure from finger (and/or thumb) is all that’s needed. A slight depression in the tube allows you to angle your shot up or down.

Obviously this works well as you are walking or running while filming.  Something you might not think of however, is its use in a car or on a motorcycle while (someone else is) driving.  The combination of your outstretched arm and the Steadicam gimbal make a great combination for smooth footage. Don’t be silly however.  If you’re holding it out the window, tie a safety line to camera and Curve just in case.  (Heavy weight fishing line works great for this.)

Steadicam Curve with GoPro

The Steadicam Curve comes in black, blue, red and silver.  Check their website for more details: