Eagle Creek Pack-It Starter SetThis system has been around almost as long as I’ve been traveling and I still have my first garment folder, but it seems that you never stop coming up with new uses for it.  With the current Eagle Creek Pack-It Starter Set, you get three pieces:

  • The Garment Folder – still a great way to save space with your perfectly folded shirts and pants
  • The Cube – a 13”x9”x2-1/2” zipped bag, perfect for tees and underwear.
  • The Half-Cube – a 10”x7”x2-1/2” zipped bag, ideal for socks and handkerchiefs.

But, I’ve found that you might want to buy more than just one.  Luckily, Eagle Creek sells individual components as well as other sets.

Right now, I love the Half-Cube for keeping all my chargers, wall warts and electrical adapters in one convenient pack. I’ve also used it on bike trips and camping trips for first aid supplies. On other trips, I’ve used it for my entertainment bag – holding a DVD player and a half-dozen DVD’s in a soft-sided case.

Recently, it’s become home to my Chord MS 350 headphones, along with an iPod Classic, audio and charging cables. Kept in the front pocket of my backpack, it’s always convenient to pull out and use at the airport or on the plane. While I’m using it, a carabiner clips the Half-Cube to the outside of my backpack, which always reminds me to make sure I have everything packed back away before I deplane. (After losing two good headphones and one iPod, you begin to learn your lesson.)

If you want to go really all the way, they do make a specialty cube The Pack-It Specter eCube L that has rearrangeable dividers for your electronics.

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The full-size Cube is also ideal to take when going to business conferences and trade shows.  It will hold a day’s worth of catalogs, handouts, brochures, etc. that you invariably collect. It also keeps you from misplacing those valuable (???) business cards that you accumulate.

The starter set makes an ideal gift for the frequent traveler on your list.  They’ll never stop coming up with new uses for it.  Check out the whole line of starter kits and individual pieces at Eagle Creek’s website: http://www.eaglecreek.com/.

Recommended for Seniors.
DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for this item. Helps organize those messy bags and easy to use, this item is something that would make an excellent gift for that special senior on your gift list. See other “Recommended for Seniors” products on our special Seniors page.