After all the time that Apple spends engineering and designing your latest and sleekest iPhone, it almost seems a sin to stick it in some drab, tacky plastic case. How about dressing it up like a famous painting, with a beautiful wooden frame.  Not the kind you put on your wall, but one you’ll be proud to put in your pocket. One like the EXOvault.

EXOvault for inspired design

EXOvault iPhone case

Model EX023 – available now.

EXOvault is the exact opposite of what most phone case manufacturers do – cranking out thousands of cases per day.  EXOvault is actually run by artists who carefully produce low volume cases and finish each by hand. If you are into something that speaks well of its maker, you’re in the right place.

The EXOVault couldn’t be simpler to use on your phone. It simply hinges open, you drop in your phone, and it hinges shut.

Want to go even yet more upscale?   Have a design rotary or laser cut into your case.  They’ve got some dynamite designs or you can supply your own.

EXOvault iPhone case

Check out their full line for iPhone 5 and 6 as well as Samsung S5 on their website.