The winter weather forecast for 2014/2015 looks like it could be another big chill. Polar vortex or not, it’s best to be bundled up when you venture forth. “But not those scratchy long-johns” you whine. Not if you’re wearing the latest, maybe the most upscale set of thermals available this side of the arctic. You’ll want to wear them skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even out back building a snowman.

Tani Loft Thermal Set

Long Tani

Tani is known for their desire to create the world’s best underwear. Searching the world over for the best fabrics, the best fibers, the best knitting technologies; they settle for nothing less that the best. Now they’ve got a set of men’s thermals that I can honestly say are the finest I’ve ever worn.

It starts with the fibers, and they’ve married superfine German and Japanese fibers to come up with something which feels great as it hugs the body. It’s so thin, it’s hard to believe there are two layers to the shirt and pants.

tani-smallThe technology behind it keeps your skin warm on the coolest of days while the dual layer wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

For the chemists out there, analyze this:  66% micro acrylic, 28% Bulkiena 0.4-dtex microfiber,  5% polyamide, 1% elastane.  That doesn’t mean squat to me, but I can tell you I love the feel next to me all day long.

Check out some hi-tech loungewear or underwear for yourself at Tani’s website: