Originally posted November 2014. A reader comments below that the specs have changed.


Free phone calls are always good – especially if you are nearing the limit of your phone minutes. Even better are free phone calls from international destinations back to the U.S. or Canada. MagicJack has grown over the years and now can even be used without a computer. Introducing…



With this extremely compact combination of software and hardware, you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls in so many ways. Setup just takes minutes and is easy enough for anyone to do.

Standard Configuration

Plug MagicJackGO into a USB port on your computer and plug a standard landline phone (corded or cordless) into the MagicJackGO.  Pick up your phone and dial a call or receive calls with a free number MagicJack supplies.  For an additional fee, you can even port over your existing phone number.

No Computer Configuration

Plug MagicJackGO into a 110v wall adapter (included).  Plug an Ethernet cable into the rear of the MagicJackGO along with the cable from your phone. Pick up your phone and dial a call or receive calls.


Mobile Phone Configuration 

With the MagicJack Companion App, you can setup your MagicJack phone number to ring at home and on your smartphone app as well.  Make or receive calls from anywhere in the world to U.S. or Canadian phones. A small charge per minute applies if you are calling international numbers from within the U.S. or Canada.  (U.K. is currently 2.2 cents per minute and Mexico is 3.2 cents per minute.)


Conference Calling

An additional feature of the app is pinless conference calling for either family or commercial business. Works on either iOS or Android devices.

Included features:

Free unlimited calling

Free call forwarding

Free call waiting

Free voicemail


Free caller ID

Free pinless conference calling

Free directory assistance

Free phone number


Win Win

With a quality high speed internet connection, you’ll enjoy voice quality superior to your cellphone. And you can make or take calls on a landline phone, cordless phone, cellphone, tablet or computer.

Your first twelve month’s service is included in the price of the MagicJackGO.  Additional years can be purchased online currently at $35/year or $120/5 years. Try to find a phone company that will match that price.