High Roller in Las VegasFor the next six days, please join me as we look into the future of what our digital lives will be like. From what we can see already, it’s going to be interesting. Whether you are bleeding-edge or reluctant technology hold-out, the landscape around you is moving like a bullet into:

  • More connectivity
  • More sharing of information
  • More reliance on devices doing our tasks
  • More gadgets that need batteries recharged
  • And finally, more reasons you might need to up your data plan.


If it’s the beginning of January, it’s time for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2015) from Las Vegas.  Everybody connected to the industry wants to be here and most of them are.  With the equivalent of 40 football fields filled with displays, there’s so much to see, I’ll be putting in 18-hour days this week trying to bring you as much as I possibly can.

This week, my individual reports will be shorter as I introduce you to things I think you might find interesting.  The longer, “hands-on” reviews will have to wait until later, so tune in any minute on my blog and be prepared to see what I’ve had time to record and post.  There should be a dozen a day or more.

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I will only be posting a fraction of all this on Facebook, so you’ll either need to subscribe or visit my website to see everything.

Well, off the races, there’s lot to see and only six days left.