I’ve been a big fan of portable battery packs for some time, since my iPhones have typically been unable to last a whole day without recharging. (Apple=loser) My iPhone6 is the first to make it 24 hours.

In any event, the problem with most portable battery packs is that they are only good for USB style devices.  Anything with a non-USB or Lightning connector need not apply…..until now.

goal zero power packs

goal zero kit

Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Recharger
List Price: $299.95
Price: $299.95
You Save: N/A
Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Recharger
List Price: $199.99
Price: $199.95
You Save: $0.04
Goal Zero Sherpa Inverter 110V
List Price: $54.33
Price: $54.33
You Save: N/A

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