Everyone wants a dash cam to document an accident when the other driver is at fault, but many just can’t justify the price on the outside chance they’ll be in an accident. Now Thinkware has a dash cam that records accidents, but does so much more.


The new Thinkware Dash Cam X500 can record full HD video at 1080p both front and rear.

There’s a 2.7” display to make sure you’ve aimed the camera for best position

Built in GPS alerts you of upcoming safety cameras (both red light cameras and speed cameras) (no subscription required0

Road safety warning system:

  • FVDW = Front Vehicle Departure Warning – warns of drivers ahead turning off
  • FCWS = Forward Collision Warning System – warns if you are getting too close to the vehicle ahead
  • LDWS = lane departure warning that lets you know if you are starting to drift either through inattention or while falling asleep. This could be a life-saver by itself.

Dual save technology to make sure you always get the footage you need in case of accident

Prices range from $99 – $299 depending on features.  More information here: http://www.thinkware.com or check Amazon or Best Buy.


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