Icontrol has been in the security and home automation business for years now, monitoring over 60-billion events for home and business…so they know their stuff. Introduced in the last year is a drop-dead simple home monitoring system called “Piper” that you literally plug in and monitor via wireless from anywhere. With full Z-Wave compatability, you can add whatever additional sensors you like, whenever you like. Take a look, there are dozens of potential uses for this.

Icontrol Piper

FINsix introduced their new computer and peripherals charger – “the one Apple should have given you” according to their literature.  Half the size of an Apple charger, twice the power, twice as fast, it will charge most all PC’s 65w and under, via an array of tips they supply.  Plus you can charge two cellphones at the same time as well

FINsix computer charger

Epson answered many a traveler’s prayers with their new Workforce portable printer, the WF-100.  Uses standard paper or photo paper so you can print that last minute document or give a copy of your latest photo to Grandma without driving back home.

Epson Workforce WF-100

Determined to keep up with your bookkeeping this year and not wait for next April? Think about the new NEATConnect scanner.  It dovetails nicely with Quicken to segregate all your receipts and prepare you for tax time.


Are you an adventurer?  For anyone who spends time in the backcountry, one of the worries is what do you do if you need more power for your cellphone and there’s no outlet to be found? Enerplex has upped their line of solar powered devices with a new SURFR AMP case for the iPhone6.  Extremely thin, this case has a built-in 3,000 mAh battery and a micron’s thin solar panel on the back for even more energy.


Lexar’s newest portable media stick, the P20 now comes with higher speeds and full encryption capabilities.  Safe for work as well as personal files, this USB3.0 device can now blaze through file transfers with 270MB write speed and 400MB read speed. If it used to take you 4 minutes to download a 3GB HD movie file, you’ll now zip through the transfer in just 90 seconds.


TomTom showed off its new Golfer’s Watch, destined to make a lot of duffers very happy.  With GPS capabilities and the complete golf course layout of over 34,000 courses preloaded, you’ll know not only exactly where you are on the course, but also the location of all the hazards around you and distance to the pin.  It can also track your strokes, just in case you lose count (wink, wink).



Tiffen demoed their new DFX4 software for photo editing.  Available as a stand-alone software or as a plug-in for both stills and video, there are over 2,000 presets to correct or enhance your photos.

DFX4 desert tree copy

Davis and Sanford is quite proud to introduce the newest addition to the their line which I instantly fell in love with – the Traverse 64 Carbon Fibre tripod.  (Model: TR654C-36) This is ideal for travelers as it weighs next near to nothing and folds to 18” to fit whatever bag you are using.

Davis and Stanford tripod


Not all products above are available immediately – but all are coming. Hopefully I’ll be doing hands-on reviews of all these products in the near future, so stay tune for more information.  Need to see or buy them right now?  Drop me a note at DougBardwell at G mail and I’ll get you purchasing information.

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