15 Final winners from CES2015

As the International Consumer Electronics show winds to a close, here’s our final list of hot new products that solve problems, prevent problems or are just plain fun.  Today we’re looking at more drones, computers and accessories, Bluetooth toothbrushes, audio accessories, covert video, home automation, photo lighting, ebikes and bike GPS units, waterproof phone cases, apps and more.

There’s a new name in eBikes that looks like a winner. GenZe from Mahindra is going to be offering the e101 and e102 bikes.  The e101 comes with knobby tires and a higher top tube. The e102 comes with street tires and a lower tube, making it easier for older or shorter people to hop aboard. Once you’re on, you have three choices: pedal only, pedal assist, or twist and go with no pedaling. Expect a range of approximately 18-20 miles at 20 MPH with a 2-1/2 hour recharge on the removable battery. Look for my road test on these come spring.

GenZe e101 eBike

[Expose] is the new smart light for your smartphone.  Pumping out 130 lumens with a beam angle to match your phone, this is a way to get much better selfies in dim lit situations.  USB rechargeable, the light can be used for videos or stills and will last up to 20 minutes on a charge.  Slim enough to keep on your phone in your pocket, the light will be ready to go whenever that photo opportunity presents itself.


Seems I’m late to the game learning about FaceTune, the app that lets you edit your photos, turning portraits into works of art with a few swipes of your finger tip.  I had a chance to chat with the inventor and get a personal demo.  Truly amazing, the technology going on behind the scenes. Available for iOS on the iPhone & iPad, you can now get it for Android.


Catalyst widened their line of waterproof cases with new models for iPhone 6 and 6+. The 6+ should be ready in March of 2015 and May/June will see the release of a waterproof case for iPad Air 2. Possibly the lowest priced, fully waterproof case that offers protection as well as durability.


Flir showed off their thermal imaging case for the iPhone. With a thermal camera, you can see moisture behind walls or below carpet and heat leaks all over your home.  With a combination of cameras, not only can you capture the thermal image, but a conventional image as well for reference.

Flir thermal camera

Keen Home was showing their Smart Vent home automation system which can create smart zones within the home.  Under $100 each, they can deliver a 15-20% savings on your energy bill. The powered louvers will be sold through Amazon and Lowes in the summer of 2015. Four AA batteries will power the unit for three years.


Hexo+ Drones are ideal for the action competitor who would love aerial footage of their performance.  Suitable for runners, bikers, surfers, skiers, etc., you set parameters for height, distance, front-back-or-side positioning and send the Hexo+ aloft. As you perform, the drone will maintain that distance keeping you in the picture at all times.


Lenovo purchased the NEC computer division and the two are now working jointly to develop some of the best computers seen to date.  I got to inspect and hold a couple of the new LaVie models at CES. Unbelievable that they were actually working computers – they were so light, yet felt so durable.  Expect to be amazed when you see them in stores later this year.

Lenovo Product Tour

If you are looking for a mouse that’s small enough to pack and travel well, yet has premium features you’ll want to use all the time, look no further than the Swiftpoint mouse.  A scrolling wheel speeds through long pages and a special sensor on the bottom lets you “flip” through those Windows 8 and 8.1 screens and screens of icons. Well designed and easy for any hand to hold, this looks to be a winner.


Lyte has finally come out with video-recording eyewear that I would actually not be self-conscious wearing. Instead of the attention-grabbing Google glasses, these look like normal, rimmed sunglasses, yet they are recording high-def video through a center lenses directly over your nose.


House of Marley is coming out with an entirely updated line for 2015 – new materials and in some cases, updated technology in legacy products.  I loved the look of these Champ mini’s; 6-hour battery life with a healthy 4-watt speaker in a case-to-go with mini-carabiner.


iStabilizer has increased the size of their standard smartphone mount (Smartmount) so now they can hold the larger phones.  They’ve also added an articulating arm (Tabarm) and a tablet holder (Tabmount) for those hard to reach parts of your desk.


Pyle Audio has so much more than just audio – they’ve got a wonderful line of electronic gadgets for all parts of your life.  One I hope to be checking out as soon as the snow clears is their GPS Bike Speedometer Navigator device (Pyle PGPFPD5).  This really has all the stats you’d ever want in a bike speedometer and with the included docking station, you can download them all to your computer for comparison and tracking.


ICITouchTech showed off their GeChic 1303T HD Touch Monitor that is ideal for those who want a second monitor, need touch-screen and support for HDMI as well as VGA input.  With 1920×1080 resolution, this 13.3” backlit LCD panel is less than 2 pounds.

Ge_Chic 1303T

If you can make a game of brushing your teeth, your kids will brush more…or so goes the theory from Grush – the gaming toothbrush.  With a Bluetooth app, your kids will improve their dental habits and parents will be able to track their performance.



Not all products above are available immediately – but all are coming. Hopefully I’ll be doing hands-on reviews of all these products in the near future, so stay tune for more information.  Need to see or buy them right now?  Drop me a note at DougBardwell at G mail and I’ll get you purchasing information.

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