If you’ve decided your cable bill is just too much, you might want to consider buying an HD antenna. For less than one month’s cable bill, you can purchase an antenna one time, and receive great quality HD TV for free for life.

HD Frequency

Two models are available from HD Frequency – the Cable Cutter and the Cable Cutter Aerowave.  (Full disclosure – they sent me a HD Frequency Aerowave for testing.)

The Cable Cutter’s specs:CC_indoors_onHook

Range: up to 50 miles

Gain: up to 10 dBi

Ships with: Antenna, 12′ high-performance coaxial cable (compression connectors), outdoor weather-proof boot, Indoor mounting hook


The Cable Cutter Aerowave’s specs:CC_Mini_indoor

Range: up to 25 miles

Gain: up to 8 dBi

Ships with: Antenna, 10′ high-performance coaxial cable (compression connectors), indoor mounting glue dots


Install in a snap

Installation couldn’t be simpler.  Merely unscrew the coax from your cable box or from your dish and screw in the coax cable supplied by HD Frequency.  It a good quality cable and that enhances your signal strength.

Screw the other end into the antenna and place the antenna in a window facing your TV stations or mount in on your roof.

Run a station scan on your TV and start counting.  Each over-the-air station found will be added to your list.


Antenna comparison’s from the WireCutter’s website


Confirming my results

Here’s a video done by someone on YouTube, comparing the HD Frequency brand to a number of others.  While I have not tried the units he did, I have tried the RCA antenna that’s very similar to the Mohu Leaf shown in the video, a Channel Master antenna, as well as a tall, slender Radio Shack brand.  Like this author, I found reception to be stronger on HD Frequency’s antenna than on any other I’ve tried.

We live in a fringe area outside Cleveland and the HD Frequency found 24 stations.  My Radio Shack, the Channel Master and my RCA antenna each found 18.


Order on line

Order now and enjoy the Super Bowl in full HD…without paying an arm and a leg to your cable company.  They even offer a 60 day guarantee.

One caution

The only downside I’ve found to any over-the-air antenna is that it can be susceptible to bad weather.  In a heavy snow storm recently, I was only able to get about half of the stations I was used to receiving.  Your mileage may vary depending on type and intensity of storm.