If you like walking/hiking in the snow, chances are you would rather the white stuff not get in your shoes or boots.  Ever tried using rubber bands to keep your pants legs tight around your ankle?  Yeah, doesn’t work so well.

Armadillo LT Gaiter

Bet you’ve never tried gaiters.  I never had.  I’d seen them for hunters and hikers; but I never tried them until I received a pair from Hillsound recently.  And guess what, they really work well. They keep the snow out of your boots and keep your feet nice and dry.

First off, the Armadillo LT Gaiters are lightweight – making it comfortable to have them on for a long days’ worth of activities.

Easy to put on, there are clips and zippers that make it a cinch to put them on and keep them on. A strap actually goes completely under your boot, so they won’t ride up your leg. The strap is even replaceable.

The top half is lighter weight than the bottom. The top is made of Flexia three-layer fabric.

The base section is heavier, being made of 1000D, high density nylon.  That will keep those random prickers and thorns at bay.

A full length waterproof zipper makes it easy to put on and keep the wettest of weather out.

Check them out online at Hillsound’s website:  http://hillsound.com/hillsound-product/armadillo-lt-gaiter/

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of gaiters for purposes of this review.


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