In just 30 minutes, this must have accessory for your smartphone is going to breakout on Indiegogo (11 a.m. 2/2/15)  You’ll want to get in first for the best deals.

For you non-French-speaking people, PK K’isauve translates to “The Survivalist”.   Second, it answers the three biggest needs of smartphone users.

  • You need power
  • You need storage
  • You need a sync/charging cable

In the past that meant carrying a thumbdrive, a kinky cable and a battery pack.  But no more. Simply slide a button on the side of this mini device to charge, sync or use the memory.

PK-Kisauve instead of three separate devices

THIS – NOT THAT. Trade in that pile of stuff for one small accessory.


PKparis is known for their line of miniature memory devices and the PK K’isauve not only conquers the insufficient memory problem, but charging and powering as well.


In a compact package, you’ll be able to carry up to 128 GB of files.  (16GB and 32GB models will also be available.)  That’s a ton of songs, photos and pictures that your phone probably doesn’t have room for. Take your work home without your computer, or keep your kids homework projects safe, just in case the dog eats them.

PK K'isauve on phone



In a device that’s only 1-5/8” x 1-5/8” x ½”, you are getting an emergency power pack for those times when your phone died a couple minutes too soon.  The storage battery in the PK K’isauve charges in just eight minutes and will give your phone an additional 30 minutes of talk time. The unit has three LED’s to show level of charge remaining for your phone, Bluetooth headset or smart watch.


Sync/Charge Cable

PK K'isauve opened

Everybody hates carrying those cords that kink and twist. And usually you can get away without them, which is why most people never have one when they need it. (Yep, you know that’s you.) Now, not a problem if you’ve got your PK K’isauve. One cable goes into your computer or charger’s standard USB port and the other end is custom fit for your phone (available for Apple and Android devices.)

Check it out on Indiegogo

Available on Indiegogo starting today at 11 a.m. for preorder with delivery set for summer 2015. I’ve used a couple other PKparis memory devices with great success, so that’s why I’m recommending this one, sight unseen.  Check them out, I think you’ll be impressed.

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