As a photojournalist, you never know what kind of photos or video are going to be needed next.  You might be sent out on a still photo shoot, only to be told mid-assignment that “We need lots of video,” so you better be prepared.

DSLR Pro Pack to the rescue

Trying to cover all the possibilities used to mean an SUV loaded with stuff.  Now, thanks to the quality of today’s gear, and thanks to the Incase DSLR ProPack, I can leave the office with just this one backpack and be safely covered for shooting, editing and filing my stories from anywhere.

The DSLR ProPack is different than any I’ve used before in that all the camera gear is accessed either from the top (quick draw access to my DSLR) or through the fully openable back panel.  Laying the pack down on its front, when I unzip it, I have complete access to everything in the photo compartment.

What’s in your bag, Doug?

You can see from the photo, I’ve got multiple cameras, microphones and video camcorders for whatever the situation, along with appropriate lighting.  What you don’t see are my super-compact [qudos] and [expose] video lights than are tucked in the zipper pocket along with neutral density filters and extra batteries.  My D300s and D5300 fit nicely, while the full-sized bodies (D2, D3 D4) would just barely fit.

Grab that tripod

One of the main disappointments in many supposed “Pro” bags is the failure to provide for a tripod. If you are going to be shooting any more than a few seconds of video, you need to have a tripod. This pack has two straps which grab my compact tripod quite securely.  Despite that, the straps are my only disappointment with this bag.  Instead of having quick release catches for the straps, you are required to fish your tripod down through the two loops. (Not the best solution.)

Incase DSLR Pro Pack - DSLR camera bag

Once you start adding up all the load you can carry, you’re going to want some comfortable padding.  Luckily, the straps are well padded and the back has a breathable mesh lining as well. Chest harness straps keep the bag in place while you are moving around.

Exterior pockets

On the opposite side, there’s a pouch pocket ideal for your phone and a zipper pocket for ID and some spare cash or business cards.

Incase DSLR Pro Pack - DSLR camera bag

Up top, on the front of the bag, there’s a large, soft-lined pocket that’s ideal for sunglasses or even a mini-tablet.  Notice also the nice, easy to grip pulls used on the zippers.

Incase DSLR Pro Pack - DSLR camera bag

Interior pockets

But, the real feature that impressed me was the storage for your computer and tablet inside.  I use a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ultrabook and it slipped in with no effort whatsoever.  It’ll actually handle up to a 15” MacBook Pro. In front of that slot, is another padded compartment for your tablet.  I was shocked that it would actually hold a Lenovo 13” Tablet 2 Pro and still let you fully close the zipper.  In addition, there’s space for pens, pads, cards, a book, map and a lightweight jacket.

Incase DSLR Pro Pack - DSLR camera bag

This is my first experience with Incase bags, but I’m pretty impressed.  Check out their extensive line at their website: