When asked where I want to be able to watch my TV, my simple answer is ANYWHERE.

Somehow Time Warner doesn’t think that’s doable.  Oh sure, I can watch some channels on a mobile device, if I’m on my home network. And sure, I get all the channels if I’m planted in front of the one digital box I pay for; but, leave that room and Time Warner thinks I’ve lost all my privileges.  That sucks.

Slingbox M1 to the rescue    

Slingbox M1      

For a one-time only purchase price of $149.99, with the Slingbox M1, I can now watch every station I pay for, any place and any time, on any PC or Mac with a Wi-Fi connection.   If you purchase the apps ($14.99 each) for iOS, Android, Windows phone, Kindle or Amazon Fire,  you can also watch on your tablet or smartphone. Now we’re talking.

Does it really work?

Setup was super easy.  Run component cables from your cable box to the M1, plug in the wall adapter, identify your home network and you’re done.

Slingbox M1-7014

At first, I was honestly skeptical about the picture quality, but within a couple minutes of using it, I was sold.  Beautiful picture quality – every bit as good as watching it on my TV.  1080p looks stunning on my Yoga 3 Pro’s 3840 x 2160 resolution screen and crazy good on my All-in-one B540.

Slingbox M1 on Desktop

You have three methods of viewing, either full screen or with a TV program guide alongside…

Slingbox M1-7030

or like I like to do – have the screen minimized while I’m working on the web or taking notes in a Word doc – all open at once.

Slingbox M1-7031

You can even popup a virtual remote controller (looks exactly like my Time Warner remote) and check your recorded shows, program new recordings or play back a movie on demand.

Slingbox M1-7034

Now this is what having my TV anywhere is really all about.  Thanks goodness somebody gets it, and that is Slingbox.  The M1 also has a big brother called Slingbox 500.  At twice the price, it uses HDMI instead of component cables for simpler hookup, and offers YouTube and Blockbuster content.

Compare the two at the Slingbox website and prepare to realize the promise of TV anywhere, anytime.

Disclosure:  Slingbox sent me a unit to evaluate for this review