TomTom Golf-profile

You pull into a town, you’ve got a few hours before you need to get down to business, and you decide a little golf would be nice.  But where do you go?  And what’s the course going to be like. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew every hole and hazard first?  Now you can.

TomTom Golfer

At first glance, the TomTom Golfer is a sleek, modern looking watch, with an ingenious two-tone band.  Unlike many digital watches that stick up a full half inch above your wrist, this one fits easily into any sleeve. An added benefit for those with small wrists like mine, with all the holes in the band, it’s infinitely adjustable.

Two views of Tom Tom Golf watch

This “professional caddy” on your wrist knows everything about 30,000 golf courses and will deliver up the information right when you need it. Just look at all the courses it found close by my office outside Cleveland.

Tom Tom Golf watch showing all golf courses close by

Precise distance to greens, hazards and lay-up points are all available as you play the course. Distances are given to the front, back and center of each green. Detailed views of the green also show hazards before you make your last approach shot.

Tom Tom Golf watch main features

It even keeps score as you play.  No more forgotten strokes. We wouldn’t want that would we?

With a Bluetooth connection to your smart device, you can even get free daily updates as courses are changed or revised.

Available in two color choices – white/bright green and dark gray/bright green. Check out the TomTom site for more information or to order the TomTom Golf watch before spring play starts this year.