I’m not a professional chef, nor have I ever claimed to be one, but I make myself a mean salad every day of the week. I’m not a knife novice by any means. When asked about testing out the new VMatter 8” Chef Knife, I was eager to give it a try.

VMatter technology

VMatter 8" Chef Knife

This knife is made of a special amorphous alloy developed by Caltech for NASA and space exploration. Licensed by VMatter, this alloy has numerous advantages over ceramic and steel, and VMAtter is the only one able to use it.

  • It’s bacteriostatic – meaning it has a surface as smooth as glass and won’t retain bacteria as does steel.
  • It’s inert – meaning it won’t react to chemicals – hence no metallic taste imparted to your food.
  • It’s elastic – not like your yoga pants – it’s 3x as elastic as steel, making it easier to keep its sharpness. Ten years from now it should still be sharp.
  • It’s non-corrosive – go ahead and toss it in the dishwasher – it won’t rust.

Maintaining the sharpest cutting edge is the difference between using a great knife and an “also-ran”.  When steel knives dull, it’s often from microscopic corrosion on the cutting edge. Too small to see, it’s happening none the less.  Since VMatter doesn’t corrode, the blade holds its sharpness forever.

So how does it feel?

All the technology in the world doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel right or isn’t comfortable to use. VMatter’s 8” Chef Knife is actually perfect for me.  I like the heft and the solid feel of the handle.  I’m using the Jade handle, but it’s also available in Black and Iron Wood (woodgrain.)

VMatter 8" Chef Knife cutting celery and onions

As I mentioned, every day I’m cutting up salad fixings of all kinds as well as slicing meats to top the salad. Never switching knives, I’ve used the 8” chef’s knife for everything. It cuts so nice and cleanly, I never have to go back and pull apart my celery slices. Often, other knives just never seemed to go all the way through a stack of celery, leaving many of the bottom-most pieces hanging together.

Slicing meats, I was impressed with how thinly I could slice them…and effortlessly. A really sharp knife makes an incredible difference and this is a sharp knife. When I’m done, I just rinse and wipe dry.

They even come with a Lifetime Sharpness Guarantee – if it ever needs sharpening, simply return it to VMatter and pay a handling/shipping charge.

Check out the whole extensive line of knifes from VMatter offering this technology.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed.