Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the things I enjoy most is discovering products that I didn’t know I needed, but are real contributors to how we enjoy life. Of these three I discovered, one will keep your home safe, one will make it magically beautiful and one you’ll find uses for at home and as you travel. Come along and see what I found.


If you’ve ever labored with setting up lights to make a dramatic impact for a yard party, you know how difficult and time consuming that can be. Now, with BlissLights, it’s as simple as “plug and play.” The BlissLights Spright fixture looks similar in shape to your typical flood light with a yard spike, but the similarity ends right there.

BlissLights light a patio

The BlissLight Sprightsends out 1,000’s of individual points of light in a fan shape.  Put it in a pot in the corner of a garden and you can illuminate up to 900 square feet. Or mount it under the eaves of your home and it will illuminate an entire patio area.  Mix and match color fixtures if you like – they are available in three colors: green, red and blue.

BlissLights for an evening party

Since the technology behind the lights is laser, even if the points of light are farther away, they still maintain their shape and look sharp. The amazing part to me is how low voltage they are.  In cool weather, each light only uses 3 watts and in hot weather, only 10 watts.  That makes them ideal in remote corners of your property where you have to run long extension cords.

For more information, check out the BlissLilghts website


When people go on vacation, I know a number of them who will set timers to turn lights on and off, making the house seem lived in.  Now there’s an even more convincing way to do it and it’s dead simple to do.

Fake TV is a cost effective way to deter burglars

Fake TV is a small, fist sized projection unit that sends out multi-colored lights, identical to the look of having a TV going in your bedroom. When it comes on, it will throw its light onto the ceiling, walls or curtains of your room, and to the casual observer outside, you’d swear the light was coming from a TV.

Fake TV

Infinitesimally cheaper to run than a TV, you could have this stay on 24 hours a day, or it has a light sensor built in and will turn itself on when the room gets dark.

Fake TV

This is a great way to give the impression you are home when you could be half the way around the world.  Check out all their models starting at just $24.95 on their website.


Luci is possibly the best emergency light on the market for the money.  Solar powered, this light is compact and yet fills a room with useable light for 12 hours.  When not needed, the light folds down to the size of a short stack of pancakes, but you can inflate it to operating size with just a few puffs, like blowing up a balloon.  The full size light is then 4” high and 5” in diameter.

Luci EMRG lights light for 12 hours

Safer and brighter than candles, these lights are flexible and waterproof, so they can be used inside or outside.  They can even be hung on a large string, Japanese party lantern style.

They are great to stick in a car, bike or backpack; just in case the need would ever arise.

These lights are also being introduced to third world countries as an alternative to unhealthy firewood for lighting. Check out their website at http://www.mpowerd.com, and find out how you can participate in the movement. Special partnerships, along with their own Give Luci™ program, allow you to donate Luci solar lanterns through NGOs working around the world at a discounted rate. Find out more at http://www.mpowerd.com/give.