Tablets are great fun to use and can be a great tool for work; BUT, they have their shortcomings.  Getting files to play on your tablet from a thumb drive or from a standard-sized SD card can be problematic….until now.

IOGear’s GoFor2+ USB OTG Card Reader with Hub

GoFor2+ by IOGEAR packaging

The GoFor2+ (Model #GOFRH202) is about the handiest accessory you can have for your tablet.  With one small device you can:

  • Load three USB devices (thumb drives, Bluetooth dongles, keyboards, mice, etc.)
  • Load SD card
  • Load MicroSD card (up to 32GB)

Best part?  Just plug it in an OTG compliant Android tablet or phone, and it will recognize whatever media is attached.  NO drivers are needed.

Now you are no longer stuck with that small 16GB device you bought.  With USB flash drives or SD cards, you can easily carry around 100’s of GB’s of movies, music or photos and plug them in whenever needed.

Now you can take photos with your DSLR, pop the card out and into the GoFor2+ and then email or upload the photos from the convenience of your tablet. No more waiting until you get back to home and your laptop/desktop.

You can also now attach a USB printer directly to your tablet or smartphone.

For a list of compatible tablets, see this IOGear page.  You can also add the RealPad from AARP to the list as I’ve personally used it as well.

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