You’ve got to keep your energy levels up if you want to perform to your peak capacity. Good advice from your doctor, as well as your CIO.  Electronics without juice are just anchors in your pocket – not good for much but doorstops.

Justin Power Banks

I recently tried a pair of Justin Power Bank products that could be just what the doctor ordered for your phones, tablets, etc.  But before I start talking products and mAh (milliamp hour) ratings, here’s a wonderful chart I found on the Innovative Technology site that makes sense of it all.

Charging table showing various capacities

Ultra Thin Power Bank

The Innovative Technology Ultra Thin 2,000mAh Slim Power Bank (JT-210-2000) is a credit card sized charger capable of almost completely recharging your iPhone 6 or certainly extending the life of any other smartphone or tablet.

Justin Ultra Slim

It’s so slim that there’s no end of places you could stash this, and have the power you need to keep going all day away from your wall plugs.

It comes with its own carrying case with a place to stash a credit card or two, or maybe some business cards.  Looks good while giving you peace of mind that you’re saved in case you forget to charge up your devices. Four LED lights show the remaining power level left in the device.

It also comes with a special charging cable and multiple ends so you can charge devices directly with microUSB connectors or any other device using its own charging cable.

6,000mAh Power Bank with Built-In Stand

We all know that more often than not, you’d like to have your phone or tablet sitting up so you can watch a video, have a video chat or just read web content. Now, you can combine a great stand with the capability to recharge your device at the same time.

Justin 6,000mAh Power Bank

The Innovative Technology 6,000mAh Power Bank with Built-In Stand (JB-20-6000) is only slightly larger than your fist, but is heavy enough to be an adequate stand for your device. Four non-slip feet under the device keep it in place when you are entering data on your phone or tablet.

NB: if your phone is in a case, you’ll probably need to remove it to fit the slot in the Power Bank.

6,000mAh of juice will keep that iPhone 6 going all weekend or completely recharge your Kindle Fire HD 7”.  Four LED lights show the remaining power level left in the device.

This Power Bank comes with a 2.1A USB connector, so it will recharge your tablets at maximum speed.

Check out all the Innovative Technology products at their website: