How do you liven up a party? How do you entertain your guests? How do you get people to dance? Simple…turn up the tunes and play some great music. But wait, we’re out on the beach, how will they ever hear your smartphone? KoolMAX can handle that.

KoolMAX – 40 Quart Cooler

Everybody takes a cooler to the beach, so why not have it do double duty…or more? KoolMAX is a full-sized 40 quart cooler with built-in bottle openers on each carrying handle. Even with ice, you’ll get 48 cans or 28 bottles of your favorite brew in here.

Koolmax loaded with beverages

A drain on the bottom will allow you to drain off melted ice. And, since a full cooler can be pretty heavy, the KoolMAX has a telescoping, U-shaped handle and two heavy-duty wheels for transporting it down to the beach.

KoolMAX – 350 Watt Sound System

The magic of KoolMAX becomes evident when you attach your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.  Turning up the volume, you can’t believe the amount of sound this thing is putting out.  Two 2” tweeters carry the high notes and two 5-1/2” outdoor woofers handle mid-range and bass. Most portable speakers made for pool side or “near water” activities are 4 to 10 watts max, so you can only imagine what 350 watts sounds like.

With Bluetooth technology, your smartphone or tablet source can be up to 30 feet away, however KoolMAX has made provision for them to be stowed on-board. The cooler lid has a hinged storage compartment for your tablet and/or smartphone.

Just want to pump out tunes continuously?  Load a USB stick or an SD card with MP3 files and plug them in.  Viola – music will loop as long as the battery lasts. (see below)

Koolmax with USB stick providing music

Old school? If you’ve got a music player without  Bluetooth – no problem – there’s a 3.5mm auxiliary input for your old iPod Classic, DVD player or other MP3 device.

Tune your music just like you like it with the built-in equalizer.

KoolMAX – Public Address System

With those 350 watts of amplification, KoolMAX also makes a great PA system. Separate inputs allow connection with a guitar via a ¼” plug and an XLR microphone. Distinct volume controls let you balance the audio from the microphone independently of the music background.

Koolmax can serve as a guitar amplifier

KoolMAX– Portable Power Station

With all those beverages and all that music, chances are you’re gonna want to stay at the beach all day. That means, your phone is liable to need recharging. Done – just plug it into the USB power plug.

Need to blow up some floating toys or some balloons?  There’s a 12v plug for any portable compressors and the like.  Opportunities are endless with 12v of power – think lights, fans, whatever.


The internal battery that powers the KoolMAX charges in just four hours, but provides up to 16 hours of music.  Expect less life obviously if you are using the 12 volt plug for other devices.

KoolMAX – Anywhere

Once you use one of these, you’ll be taking it everywhere.  Built-in bungee cord loops secure your gear while in transit.  A built-in portable light provides illumination into the wee hours. With drinks, music and power, you’ll be taking it tailgating, camping, boating, swimming, and to every one of those soccer and baseball games. Pair it up with Cuisinart’s outdoor pizza oven and you’ve got everything you need for a memorable outdoor event.

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