As we get more and more high bandwidth-hungry computers, tablets and phones, having a Wi-Fi router that can supply all of them becomes more and more critical. If you are still using the one supplied by (or worse – rented from) your Internet supplier, chances are you are missing a much better experience.

Amped Wireless Highpower AC1750 Wi-Fi Router

Amped Wireless AC1750 (RTA1750)

The AC1750 from Amped  (model RTA1750) is a simple upgrade that anyone can install in a matter of minutes.  A simple Quickstart guide is probably all you need, but they also include a CD with full manual and installation video that will give you that extra confidence you are doing everything correctly.

I replaced the router that had already been upgraded by TimeWarner, but still wouldn’t give satisfactory service in the remote corners of my home.


As you can see by the chart and graph, my new Amped 2.4GHz signal (Rssi) is a full 18 decibels (db) than my old wireless router from TWC.

In my experience, once the Rssi gets into the 70’s or 80’s, you are going to start having problems trying to stream video from YouTube or Vimeo.

In addition to the better power, there are a number of other advantages as well.

Additional four gigabit Ethernet ports for plugging in additional PC’s, gaming consoles or smart TV’s.

Amped Wireless AC1750 (RTA1750) rear view

A USB port for network storage or FTP access.  I simply plugged in a 2TB Western Digital drive and instantly it showed up on the network as AMPED_USB. I mapped it to a drive letter and I now have access to all its contents from all the computers on my network.

Scheduling – if you want the Wi-Fi off when kids should be doing homework, you can set scheduling to turn the Wi-Fi on or off.  You also have access to block websites or restrict individual users.

There’s a lot to like with this Amped AC1750. Check them out online at

Disclosure:  Amped provided the router for me to do this review.