Imagine a light stand that folds up when you want it to and unfolds itself just as quickly. We’re talking about almost instantaneously here folks.  When you’ve got to get up and go, we’re talking about the Flashpoint Auto Stand from Adorama.

Flashpoint Auto Stand

Not the “unclip this, fold up that” style lightstand, this is engineering done well.  As you set the stand down, it automagically entends its three legs.  When you lift it to move it, the three legs automagically collapse against the shaft. This is ideal for tight places.  You’ve got to try it to really appreciate how easily it works.


The stand is available in two models – 7′ and 9′.  The smaller model folds down and stores in a 30″ carrying case while the larger stores in a 40″ case. Minimum height for the smaller is 3.1′ and the larger is 3.5′.

With a reversible stud at the top, you’ll be able to mount strobes, flash units or what-have-you on either a 1/4″x20 screw or a 3/8″ screw. The removable and reversible stud also mounts horizontally.

Flashpoint Auto Stand

Each stand comes with its own carrying case. Check out more details about the Flashpoint Auto Stands at the website. 

Disclosure:  The manufacturer provided a sample for this review