by Cassie Phillips

With the casual gaming scene becoming more popular with time, it is safe to say mobile gaming has become more than just a passing phase. The library of games available on the Google Play Store is growing every day and contains many known titles as well as hidden gems. Here are the top five Android games of 2015 currently on the market.

Subway Surfers

subwayWith its bright and colorful world, Subway Surfers is bound to attract a gamer’s attention. You play as the main character Jake and travel through different neighborhoods attempting to not get caught by the security guard and his pesky dog. This is your typical runner game, but with a twist. You have the ability to mount a hover board and paint powered jetpacks to progress through urban themed streets. The leaderboards allow you to compete locally with friends or online with millions of other users, creating an extra challenge.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

plantsHave you ever wanted to play a tactical game with goofy combinations and colorful memorable stages? Well Plants vs. Zombies 2 is for you. You are able to place plants with unique powers to help defeat the zombie hordes that are ready to eat your brains. This is definitely a DLC based game compared to the first release, but it is still as awesome as the developers are constantly churning out content for players to raid.It is currently free to play and available for download in multiple countries. Give it a shot if you are into tactical games where you destroy massive waves of enemies.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

minecraftThe Minecraft Pocket Edition of this amazingly designed game does not fall short of its pc counterpart. Mojang is still updating the mobile release with new blocks and bug fixes to make the online experience flawless. In this game you basically build endlessly as if you had an infinite amount of Lego’s at your disposal. You can share your creations with others by hosting your very own server and having them explore your world.  This is a great game if you’re looking for endless goofy and memorable times.

Quick Tip: Some apps are much more memory intensive than others. Games that use a lot of RAM can be very slow and are more likely to lag or crash. Ensuring all other apps are closed and nothing is working in the background can reduce the total system memory usage and significantly improve your gaming experience.


pouHave you ever had the chance to join in on the ’90s Tamagotchi revolution? Pou is a solid tribute to the pet-caring video games of the past. It is a basic concept; you care for a baby blob that needs your full attention. You can take it out for walks, play mini games, and even feed it so it never goes hungry. Some might say this can be a little childish, but it is secretly addictive.



Candy Crush Saga

candyMany hear the name Candy Crush and cringe, mainly due to the hours spent on this addictive candy-themed puzzle game. It is a basic puzzle game like Bejeweled but with a twist and made to be user friendly for all level of players. One of the great features this game has to offer is the multi-client account; you can play a on Facebook or with your Android mobile device and not have to switch accounts. If you are into classic games, such as Columns for Sega or Bejeweled, make sure to give it a try. Just control your temptation when it comes to the cash shop.

Quick Tip: Some of these games or user accounts will not work outside of the country in which you installed it, but there is always a way around these barriers. With a mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can bypass regional censorship and protect yourself when using public WiFi. A VPN can also benefit the user by adding another level of security to your account so you never have your private information leaked or hacked.

I hope you give these games a try if you have not already. I must admit, I have spent many hours on all these games myself and enjoyed every minute.

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