CampanionGot a GoPro? Got a smartphone?  You’re two-thirds of the way there.  Add a Campanion and you’ve got yourself a great new way to enjoy both.

If you’ve ever tried using a GoPro as a standard video camera, you’ll quickly find that it’s not the best hand-held camcorder.  As compact as it is, that works against you when trying to handhold it.

With Campanion, you get a mounting plate that enables you to stick it to the back of your smartphone or tablet and take advantage of the larger form factor for stability. Guarantee you’ll be happier with the results when it’s attached.  Not only that, if you use the GoPro app, you’ll have a larger than ever viewing screen to frame your shots, etc.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the GoPro app, with the delay in viewing the action by the time it shows up on your smartphone/tablet. That couple second delay can be disconcerting if you are trying to follow moving action, but for stationery scenes, it’s perfect.  At least you know what you’ll be getting if you don’t have the LCD back.

In either case, the Campanion makes for an ideal way to use the two together.  Pick from either a mounting plate solution or a self-stick mount and get better video…which is why you bought the GoPro in the first place.

Check the Campanion website for all the details:

Disclosure:  Campanion provided a unit to enable us to do this reviewas-originally-published-on-examiner-logo