Seeing the world by bike is one of my preferred methods of travel.  Pedaling through a town allows ample opportunities to stop on a whim and take in the real flavor of a place.  Not only beneficial for your health, it’s great for the planet when you leave the gas hog parked and do your sightseeing by bike.

Here are a half-dozen tours that will get you into some of the most scenic destinations around.

Top 6 Winter Cycling Tours

by Dylan Townes

As travelers opt for more active and adventurous vacations, bikes are becoming a preferred vehicle to see the world, both here and abroad. Moreover, a swelling number of holidaymakers from all disciplines are jetting off on warm winter cycling tours during winter months. Touring by bicycle allows for a more active and intimate experience than riding in cars, buses or trains, and it affords the ability to cover more ground than walking. Below is a list of six of the best winter cycling tours and the travel companies offering them.


  1. Canary Islands Cycling Tour – On this week-long warm weather bike tour of Gran Canaria, cyclists will explore the second largest of the Canary Islands on exhilarating rides that vary from sea level to 6,300 feet, revealing dramatic landscape changes, lush forests, deserts, and volcanic mounts. Tour dates are slated for Feb 14-20, 2016 and March 13-19, 2016 and starts at $4,595 per person.

 Lauren L Gran Canaria

  1. Colombia Biking Adventure – Explore Colombia by mountain bike during this 6-day journey through multiple ecosystems from the high Andes to the lowland tropics. Discover beautiful river valleys and historic ruins through Colombia’s back roads. Stop in colonial towns, tackle the impressive Chicamocha Canyon, and sample regional flavors at an organic coffee hacienda. Multiple dates January-March, 2016 starting at $2,950.

 Colombia mountain biking

  1. Untouched Vietnam Cycling Tour – Head to the remote region of Ha Giang in the north-eastern corner of Vietnam.  Until relatively recently the Vietnamese government restricted travel in the area, so it has escaped the impacts associated with mass tourism. Rice paddies and primary forests provide an attractive canvas as gests wind their way up through vertiginous passes on the road less travelled. A tour is slated for March 2016 and starts at $2,500 per person.

 RS_vietnam_le_masurier (3)

  1. Chile Lake and Volcano District by Bike – On this NEW tour, pedal alongside the Andes Mountains, green rolling meadows, and through national parks. Visit Chile’s First Geopark “Kütralkura”, Lonquimay Volcano, Malalcahuello National Reserve, Villarrica Volcano, Lake Caburgua, Huife Hot Springs and Villarrica National Park.  Bike Chile’s Seven Lakes Route, the German Settlers Route, and through Vicente Perez Rosales National Park with Osorno Volcano and Petrohue Falls. This 8-day tour is slated for January 8-16, 2016 and starts at $5,695.


  1. Tasmania Bike + Hike – Cycle through Tasmania’s national parks, dramatic mountain ranges, historic villages and high altitude lakes. Wildlife viewing is exceptional with Tasmanian devils, platypus, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and wombats at every turn. The fertile soils and pure rainfall create wonderful natural produce and acclaimed cool-climate wines, which will be sampled along the way. This 8-day Tasmania cycling adventure starts at $2,545 and the next tour is slated for January 21-28, 2017.


  1. Ecuador Volcano Mountain Biking – Experience the exhilarating thrill of mountain biking Cotopaxi National Park on this 4-day tour. Designed for experienced and advanced bikers, this challenging and beautiful itinerary takes its bikers through Santa Rita Ecological Reserve, El Tambo Trail, The Road of the Lahars, and down Cotopaxi Volcano. Dates are available year-round starting at $775.

 ecuador biking