How many times have you gone to grab a battery pack as you were getting ready to leave, only to find that it needed to be recharged?  Until recently, that usually meant a four to ten hour charging cycle. Dang, by the time your power pack was recharged, you could have missed your plane.


Update to 2016…the new ASAP Dash is a power pack that won’t keep you waiting.  Plug it in for 15 minutes and you’ve got 5,000mAh of portable power. That’s enough to charge your iPhone5 three times or your iPhone6 twice.

ASAP Dash hands on test

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release version of ASAP Dash and I’ve been using it all week. After using up about half the stored power, it really did recharge to full in about five minutes. That’s unheard of.  

My main likes:

Three ways to charge:  110v charger is what’s needed to get the 15-minute charging cycle, but it also can be charged via a 12v car charger or any microUSB cable.


It comes with a marvelous flat cable for charging your devices with a special two/way end.  Connected, it features a Lightning connector, and separated it will connect to microUSB devices. I also love that the cord is long enough so I can place the charger away from the device if I choose. The flat cord is also thick enough that it feels like it will last for a good long time.



The Dash is lightweight. At just 6 ounces, you’ll hardly notice the weight in your backpack. (My iPhone 6 weighs 4.5 ounces for comparison.)



I can’t independently verify the following claims, but assuming they are correct, these are just some additional reasons you’re going to like the Dash:

  • 1200 Charge Cycle life – many others offer only 300 to 400.
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Designed to operate from 14°F to 122°F
  • One year warranty

There’s a lot to like here, and you’ll want to get your order in to get the best pricing on this Indiegogo campaign

Disclosure:  ASAP provided the unit for me to conduct this review.