Ever wish you had a recorder going when your grandchild said something cute?  Or do you wish you could hear what your travel guide said again? It’s probably happened dozens of times.  Now there’s a way you can turn back time and capture just what was said a minute ago.   Huhhhh?

Kapture Audio 800

Kapture Audio

Kapture is a wrist-worn device about the size of a large watch.  But inside is the magic. At the center is a digital recorder that continuously records everything it hears – 24/7 – it never stops. Until…

When that quotable quote is uttered, you simply tap the outside of the case and the last 60 seconds of audio is assigned a file number and moved into storage on the device.  Assuming your phone is close by, the recording is moved via Bluetooth to your phone for replay,  editing or you could email it. Free apps are available for iOS or Android.


The battery life is about 15 hours, so it should last a full business day and more.  The included special USB cable recharges the device overnight.

The omni-directional microphone will record audio within a five-foot radius, so you don’t need to “point” the Kapture at your subject, although keeping your hands in your pocket certainly won’t help the recording.


If you tap the Kapture, you should feel a vibration signaling that the recording has been saved.  Other vibrations mean that the device needs to be recharged.


Hands-on observations

I’ve been a watch wearer just about my entire life, so I figured adding the Kapture to my other wrist would be a no-brainer.  Its roughly the same size and weight as my existing watch. Surprisingly, it felt extremely weird wearing it the entire time I was testing it.  If you haven’t worn a watch regularly, your mileage may vary.

I was less than impressed with the charging cable which has a rather clunky plastic appendage that magnetically attaches itself to the back of the watch.  I’m so used to other USB chargeable devices that simply use a standard micro or mini USB connection, that having to find this special cable seemed like a bother.

My final minor complaint was that I often needed to tap multiple times to get it to record.  I could never find the sweet spot of tap placement and tap intensity to get a dependable recording.

On the plus side, the audio recording is quite clear and definitely useable for its intended purpose.  Whether you want to record your kids, your parents or your professor – there are lots of ways the Kapture can be useful.

To learn more, check their website at www.KaptureAudio.com

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Kapture Audio Recording Wristband
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