Looking for a versatile, great sounding speaker to take along on your travels?  How about something light weight that will play from multiple sources – either wirelessly or via a wired connection?  And, do you need something with a battery that will last all evening?


REVERB Bluetooth speaker by Sondpex

The REVERB is a compact speaker bar with a 1,000mAh battery that should last four to eight hours when fully charged.  It charges with a micro USB cable.


With auxiliary jack, you can hook up any legacy MP3 player, DVD player, or radio and get excellent, robust sound via an 1/8” stereo cable.


With Bluetooth version V2.1+EDR, you should be able to pair with all your late model phones or tablets. Working range is 30 feet away. You can even use the REVERB as a handsfree speaker for conference calls.


Additionally, you’ll find a microSD slot on the back of the unit.  Load a micro SD card, insert it into the speaker and enjoy music for hours on end while you use your phone for other work.

AND,  be sure to check out my favorite other product from Sondpex – the KoolMax – coolest cooler on the planet.


REVERB RW-AXSERIES Active X Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones

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