Here’s a new product about to go live on Indiegogo next week that you’re going to want to check out.  Toka!Flash is a portable memory device that lets you backup your photos/video on the go and takes up no more space than a belt buckle — oh yeah, it is a belt buckle, sort of.

It stores and transfers information on both iOS and PC devices. It features USB 3.0, Apple lightning connector and wireless connectivity.

  • Apple Lightning connector for compatibility  with iOS devices ( iPhone / iPod / iPad Pro)
  • 3.0 USB connector to allow use with computers ( Mac/PC)
  • Apple Lightning connector speed: 30MB/s (read), 20MB/s (write)
  • USB 3.0 connector speed: 140MB/s (read), 45MB/s (write)
  • Wireless connectivity for files upload&download / Wireless On/Off indicator.
  • Micro SD card reader / Read indicator.
  • Rechargeable battery / Low battery indicator.

Free Toka!Flash App features:

  • Toka!Flash App
  • Music & Movie Player
  • 1080p HD movie streaming, direct playback from Toka!Flash
  • Photo & Documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, iWork) Viewer
  • Open files directly on the Toka!Flash without the need to copy to iOS device
  • Copy/Move files between Toka!Flash and iOS device
  • File Management (Copy/Paste/Delete/Create Folder)
  • Shoot photos/videos directly onto Toka!Flash storage
  • Backup photos/videos from iOS device Camera Roll to Toka!Flash
  • Support “Open In” functionality
  • Open files from other apps in Toka!Flash app
  • Open files from Toka!Flash in other apps
  • iOS device contacts backup and restore

Get the whole story here: and stay tune for a full review as soon as we can get our hands on one.