If you’ve ever been frustrated by a technology upgrade that didn’t work, Switchmate should be your next project. Whether you want to upgrade your RV, your dorm room, your office or your home; if your lights are controlled by a typical light switch, Switchmate is the 2 minute upgrade you’ve been waiting for.
Switchmake looks good in modern interiors

Switchmate’s no installation install

Before someone writes to correct the heading above, think again.  That’s a correct statement. To install the Switchmate, you simply walk over to your light switch and place it over the existing switch and coverplate. Powerful magnets grab the two exposed screws and lock it in place. That’s a “no installation install” if I ever saw one. No tools, no technique, no time.

Switchmate comes in two models

The two minutes comes in that you need to download an app from the Play Store or the iOS App Store. Configuration couldn’t be easier. The app walks you through the quick install and Bluetooth connects the phone and the switch. You then merely have to give your switch a name and test operation. 120 seconds Max. No wiring. No tools.

So what does Switchmate do?

With the app installed, you can control any rocker switch or toggle switch, controlling any lights, fans, etc. in your home, office, dorm or RV.  Order the Switchmate for the specific type switch you have, and pick from white, copper or silver colors.

At first I thought I would need a special switch to control my office lights, since it occupied a double box, sharing a switch for a wall outlet. Fortunately, it grabbed the screws of the switch I wanted to control without obstructing the operation of the other switch for the outlet.  Nice.

Switchmate even works on multiple switchplates

For some other tricks of the Switchmate, like scheduling and the “Watch” feature, check out this video.


What it won’t do – at least not yet

Right now, the app works via Bluetooth, so when you leave your home, you don’t have connection to the switch.  They are developing a hub, so that you’ll be able to communicate with the Switchmate anywhere you have an Internet connection, but it’s not ready yet. (Stay tuned – we’ll let you know when it goes live.)

Other than that one request, I love the way it installs so easy. Even a blindfolded first grader could install it.  Timers can be set to turn your lights on and off at specific times and then, even when you are away from home, it will appear lived in. This really is a project anyone can feel great about doing.

Look for Switchmate on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, HSN, Target, Walmart and many other retailers.

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Disclosure:  Switchmate provided a sample switch for us to us to do this review.