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Tired of seeing photos that do not make an impression? Memories of travel are easily etched on one’s mind, so don’t let your photos fall behind. Take photos that will leave a mark on the minds of your audience and captivate them with your own travel photo portfolio. But before you start building an awesome portfolio, you need to take awesome travel photos first. You can achieve it by doing the following:

  • Let your photos tell a story. – If you observe closely enough, you’d find many interesting stories in the streets. Pick one that you’d like to follow and capture as many scenes to build up your photo story. Even just a handful of photos from this set is enough to get your audience engrossed and wanting for more.
  • …but do not cram too much in one photo. – Trying to fit in too many elements in a frame is a recipe for disaster. As much as possible, try to establish and maintain a focal point in your shots so that your audience can have something to focus on. Your photo’s subject and message will also be much clearer this way.
  • Take candid shots instead. – When subjects pose at a certain landmark, this landmark loses a bit of its grandeur in photos, as it becomes more of a backdrop than an experience captured in photos. Capture real emotions and real moments by expanding the scope of your shots and taking your pictures from an angle not normally used by others so that people can get a feel of what’s really going on in that place at the moment.



Image Source: Pixabay

  • Don’t forget to include people. – This is where most amateur photographers go wrong. In an attempt to shoot the view, they end up waiting for the scene to be cleared of people. But people can actually add more substance to your shots. Just observe proper timing and click the shutter when the scene is most dynamic.
  • Don’t miss the signs. –  Street signs and store signs in a foreign language add a certain charm to your pictures. So include them in your must-photograph list when travelling.
  • Take photos of your food. – Yes, this is a situation when taking photos of your food is perfectly acceptable. Especially when you’re eating local cuisine, you’d want to showcase how food in a certain place differs in color, texture, ingredients, and shape.
  • Set a theme. – Your creative juices will be stimulated this way, and your shots will come out more inspired, too.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sights, sounds, and tastes you experience when visiting a foreign land. But taking good travel photos will allow you to relive the wonderful experiences and relish the moments you missed to savor on your travels.

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