Most of the books reviewed on this site have been for photography or tech manuals, and if you’re looking for something to stimulate your brain, those probably aren’t what you’re looking for.  I do have two interesting titles that I recently previewed and both are thought provoking.  There’s also a TV series coming up that should be both entertaining and interesting at the same time. We’ll go there first.

Polar Bear Town

Mark your calendars for Wednesday night, November 16th at 8pm  ET/PT. The Smithsonian Channel will be débuting Polar Bear Town, an action adventure about Churchill, Manitoba – the Polar Bear Capital of the World.

Polar bear and cubs

If you’re like me, I’ve always wanted to make this long journey to the north just to see these most impressive of all bears.  Picture more polar bears than year-round residents (800) in this small town. However, each year 10,000 tourists descend on this town for adventures up close and personal with the polar bears.

Beautifully photographed, as all Smithsonian films are, this is an interesting series that I think any nature lover will enjoy.

The Blind Photographer


In what originally strikes the casual reader as impossible, this entire, large, hardcover book is packed with amazing photographs taken by blind or nearly blind photographers.

“Seeing their subjects” takes on a whole new meaning as it challenges normal sighted photographers to imagine setting up a shot by touch or sounds alone.

The photographs cover the range from still-life’s to street photography and from portraits to sports. You’ll be blown away like I was with the quality of most of these images.

Short bios introduce you to 13 photographers from around the world in this most interesting piece.

The Blind Photographer is available on and from the publisher’s site.

This Side of the Whirlwind – The Coming Apoclypse

If you are intrigued by the other various Rapture books out there, here’s one to certainly be of interest.


“Everyone got it wrong” or so the author claims. Certain biblical facts have been hidden from mankind up to now, but Steven Harrel has been chosen to reveal all.

The “End of Days” is already underway, so if you want your best options, you need to get all the facts and be prepared.  The book even ends with a chapter on how to prepare to flee the cities and survive in the wilderness for the two and a half or more years until the Rapture.

This 400-page book is nothing like light reading.  Be prepared to study and research all the new claims revealed by the author.

The book is available on  You can also read the author’s blog at

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