This was our first experience driving a large RV, and for other seniors or newbies to RV’ing, we’ve learned a lot that we’d love to share.  The questions we’ve received most are: how much space is there in a Class C RV, and how much can you carry with you while you’re traveling. I hate to state the obvious, but they both depend on the size RV you rent or buy.

This article and video will give you a tour of the inside and outside of the one we got from Planet RV in Broward County, Florida.  It was a 2013 Thor Chatea u 31 feet in length. Other Class C RV’s could be larger or even up to 50% smaller, so use this as a guide for a comparable large Class C RV.

This is part three in our 2016 RV adventure series. Don’t miss part one or part two.

What’s inside this RV

We loved the configuration of this RV. From the spacious dining area, to the ingenious layout of the bathroom and shower, there was a lot to enjoy.  All the sleeping areas were very comfortable and the rooftop a/c unit kept it quite comfortable even in the hottest Florida temperatures.

Here’s the floor plan for the Thor Chateau.

Floorplan of a Thor Chateau Class C

We were extremely impressed with the amount and size of all the storage cabinets and drawers available in this unit. For a pair of seniors driving this big rig, there was more than enough room to store all our gear.  In addition, the over cab bunk is huge and it’s a great place to put empty bags and large items like camera tripods or sporting equipment.

The only thing that didn’t work well was the pull out pantry cabinet.  When loaded with canned supplies, these units are terribly heavy.  Even in a home kitchen, they are often the first cabinet to fail. Put them in a mobile home and with all the bouncing down rough roads, there’s no way these are going to work well.

Conversely, the rest of the drawers and doors all functioned perfectly and gave us plenty of space for our groceries, clothes and photo gear. So yes, Virginia, you can take it all with you.

A video tour of the Class C RV interior

A video tour of the exterior

And while we are at it, here’s a quick trip around the vehicle’s exterior.


Keep following our blog as we return this RV and take off in another. Next we’ll be test driving a Class A 37 foot Thor Challenger.  It’s a beauty, so stay tuned.

And if you are in the market to buy or rent an RV, I can’t say enough about Gigi Stelter and her staff at Planet RV.  They got us, a couple of senior newbies to RV’ing, up and running in nothing flat. From helping us load our gear, to answering all our questions, they were great to deal with. You’ll find them at 3030 Burris Road; Davie, FL.  Just about 15 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport.


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