Earlier this year, we started discussing RV travel in No Boundaries For Us magazine, and we wrote about our experiences based on traveling in pop-ups, truck campers, and van campers. But we’d never tried the “big boys” of camping, the Class C and Class A RV’s.

Heading south, we had the good fortune of connecting with Gigi Stetler of Planet RV in Broward County, Florida.  We wanted to take out a couple different RV’s so we could compare and contrast the different models and classes available. Luckily, she had a number to choose from during the limited dates we were available.  We made our reservations last month and began our travels last week. To say it’s been a blast would be an understatement. (See why by clicking out our other articles at the bottom of this story.)

While we were in the Planet RV office, we grabbed a couple minutes of Gigi’s time and learned more about her business. We also got to ask her a number of questions we’ve gotten from our readers.

A petite dynamo, with more business savvy that most I know, she’s on top of her game in the RV business, and offered some great tips for those thinking of taking up RV’ing.  Take a look.

If you are renting or buying an RV in the South Florida area, here’s the contact information:

Planet RV;  3030 Burris Rd, Davie, FL 33314;  954-514-7860


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