If you are interested in the hottest tech trends today, automation and robotics certainly must be on your radar. But, until now, most robotic arms have been seriously overpriced, or aren’t accurate enough for detailed projects.

Dobot M1

Doboto M1 will be able to do a variety of tasks

Check what’s coming now.  Presently, already funded, the Dobot M1 Pro Robotic Arm for makers and for business is on Kickstarter with a campaign running through January 12. You can get the Dobot M1 and two toolheads of your choice for $1,599.00 USD.  By May of 2017, you could be up and running with a new hobby or business.

Toolheads available

Robotic arms are fun, but what makes them productive are the tools you can attach.  Look at this list of amazing toolheads available for 3D printing, laser engraving, soldering and more.


3D Printing


Laser engraving




Visual sorting


With all that capability, you still have what looks to be an organized interface and multiple programming languages supported.



A robotic arm is only good if it’s affordable and dependable.  Dobot M1 sounds like it will be both.  Check out this comparison against its closest price competitors.



If you’ll be creating the most intricate parts or products, you’ll want to know how well it performs. Here are the specs as of this date.



Check out the deals left on the Kickstarter page and get your reservation in before January 12.  The people behind Dobot M1 have a history of success with other robotic arms presently for sale, so you can safely order and expect a quality product.

Check out the other videos and specs on their Kickstarter page:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dobot/dobot-m1-pro-robotic-arm-for-makers-and-businesses/description


Disclosure: We have not tested or used the Dobot M1, but will be doing a full review once the product begins shipping in April/May 2017.  Stay tuned.  

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