It’s not often that I find add-on products to be really compelling, but Hitcase has been an exception.  The Hitcase Snap is an easy-to-add protective case for your phone, that accommodates a variety of accessories.  The photos it produces, makes your cellphone more like carrying a big DSLR with interchangeable lenses…but way less bulky.

Hitcase Snap and Hitcase Shield


I’ve recently been using the Hitcase Snap (right) and the Hitcase Shield (left).  The Hitcase Shield is the easiest to use waterproof case I’ve ever encountered. And the Snap is a quick-to-put-on case that allows you to add auxiliary lenses, selfie sticks, car mounts, and more.


Hitcase Shield

Hitcase Shield waterproof case

The Shield is probably the world’s thinnest, MIL-SPEC waterproof case for iPhone, at least, it’s the thinnest I’ve ever seen.  Most waterproof cases are complex series of clips and clamps meant to secure rubber O-rings in just the right places.  The Shield, in comparison, is simply a very thin, clear plastic skin, held in place by an aluminum frame.  Literally, peel off the top, slide in your phone and push the top back into place. You are ready for drops, drips and even a dunking up to 6’ deep on your iPhone6.  The case for the iPhone7 is good to 10’ deep.

Hitcase Shield waterproof case slips open easily to add phone

Pop-out plugs allow you to charge your phone or plug in your headphones without removing the case.

Hitcase Shield waterproof case showing waterproof ports

Hitcase Snap

Everybody needs a selfie stick, and the ShootR will hold your Snap case…in a snap.  Just slide Snap’s built-in rail into the ShootR and it clicks in place.  Pull the trigger on the bottom of the rail, and the phone slides free.  Collapsed down, it will fit in a small bag or even your pocket. Extended, you’ve got an 18.5” extension pole to put your phone in the best position for dramatic footage. It’s waterproof, so if underwater adventure is your thing, it’ll go there also.

Hitcase ShootR

Ever want to create those sped-up time lapse scenes of your car racing through town?  Grab the SuckR Mount for a super-secure grip to your car hood, and your iPhone can create some great Hollywood effects, while holding it securely in place. The double knuckle joints let you position your phone at just the right angle.

Hitcase SuckR

But, the most compelling features in my estimation, are the three auxiliary lenses available for the Snap case.  Hitcase lenses are available in Wide, Superwide and Macro styles.  Each comes with either snap on rubber covers, or you can get the keyring style carrier with rubber caps you can’t lose.

Hitcase Snap with auxilliary lenses

Here’s a standard shot from my iPhone6 looking down our grocer’s aisle way.

wide lense added to iPhone6


To add any of the lenses, simply pop off the cover and with a quarter twist, they are securely attached to the Snap case.

Adding the Hitcase TrueLUX wide lens, my angle of view is increased to 104° in still photos or 83.6° in video. The beauty of Hitcase’s lenses is that there is no vignetting (darkening around the edges). The two-element lenses are both anti-reflective and resistant to scuffs with their anti-scratch coating.

standard view with iPhone6

With the TrueLUX superwide lens, you’ve now moved up to a three-element lens, still with the same anti-reflective and anti-scratch properties. But, your field of view is now an amazing 160° for photos and 121° for video.  Again, no vignetting. Very cool.

super-wide lense added to iPhone6

Ready for fun and inspirational photography?  You’ve got to try the TrueLUX macro lens. No matter what you shoot, the increased 3x magnification will have you looking at ordinary objects in a whole new way.

Macro photo from Hitcase website

Hitcase PRO


If over-the-top adventure is your thing, you’ll want to check out the Hitcase Pro for maximum durability and interchangeable lens.  It’s available now for iPhone 5 and 6.  We’ll be looking at their new Pro case for iPhone7 shortly. Stay tuned.


Check out the whole line of Hitcase products – they’ve got your iPhones covered with models for iPhone 5, SE, 6 and 7.



Hitcase provided both the Snap and the Shield for us to tryout to do this review, but the opinions are totally our own.


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