Northern Thailand is not the first place that probably comes to mind when you think of coffee, but the northern hill portions of the country reach elevations between 3,600 and 4,200 ft., making it a prime coffee growing region. Now, Lanna Coffee brings you single origin, fertilizer and pesticide free, shade grown coffee from this region via mail-order or through a number of chain partners.


Purchasing this coffee goes a long way to alleviating poverty in the region and adding positive social opportunities for healthcare, clean water projects and education. Fair trade coffee means the farmers get a honest day’s wage, a repeatable sales distribution and hope for the future.

Grown in the shade, the coffee beans can come to full size without the fear of burning in the sun.  Each bean packs its maximum flavor. And, farmers are not clear cutting valuable forests just for a place to grow their crops.  It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Multiple Roasts

I recently had the opportunity to try a bag of their Artisan roast and found it wonderful.  Slightly sweet but chock full of caffeine.  It’ll keep you going for those all-nighters.  Want brewing instructions?  Want green beans for your own roasting?

They offer four different roasts on their website:

Artisan (LIGHT ROAST) – Notes: Bright, Sweet, Floral

A lively, bright roast with distinct floral tastes and a hint of sweetness with crisp finish. Those who enjoy craft coffee roasters will prefer this roast as it really brings out distinct notes. It is our lightest roast and sure to knock your socks off with its higher caffeine levels that the others.

House (MEDIUM ROAST) – Notes: Balanced – Vanilla – Nutty

A medium bodied balanced roast with vanilla undertones and a lingering nutty finish. Our house is roasted in the medium levels on our scale, becoming a sure crowd pleaser. There are hints of vanilla and a natural caramelization that come to forefront of your coffee experience.

French (DARK ROAST) – Notes: Full Body – Roasty – Chocolatey

A full-bodied roast with rich chocolate notes and a roasty undertone. If bold is what you seek then French is your answer. It is roasted to our darkest roast profile and maintains a sheen of its natural oil. For a dark roast, it is very low bitter taste and acidity.

Decaf House (MEDIUM ROAST) – Notes: Balanced – Dark Chocolate – Fruit.

Well balanced with notes of stone fruit and dark chocolate. It is roasted to the same degree as our house roast (noted above) but has no caffeine. It is all natural water processed with no harsh chemicals!

Buy it however suits you

Lanna Coffee comes in three sizes:  12 oz. bags; 2.2 pound bags and single serve KUPS.  Order one at a time here. A subscription will keep the coffee coming each month.  If you enter the discount code FREE when you check out, they will send you a free sample of your selected roast. Like it?  You don’t have to do anything, and they will automatically continue sending the same. Need to cancel?  Simply log on and change your settings.

Use the code BARDWELL2017 which allows for 50% off your first subscription.

Lanna also partners with Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Ampersand Ice Cream and Cracked Pepper.

How it helps

Clean Water: having access to clean water is often taken for granted in the United States, however this is vital to the health of all the villagers with work alongside and generations to come. By building simple gravity feed water tanks (using simple gravel, sand and charcoal) villagers can avoid disease and live healthier.

 Education: education is a tool that is used to help provide an avenue towards long term sustainability. Their partner (ITDP) has been able to build now 3 schools in the hills allowing kids to be prepared to enter high school.

Healthcare: 6 years ago, the one of the first health clinics was built and established in the hills with now a full-time physician! Illnesses and disease are now able to be treated to lead towards a more healthier community!

To learn more

Visit their website:  If you are interested in keeping up with things they are doing, follow their social media pages.

Instagram: @LannaCoffeeCo
Twitter: @Lanna_Coffee

Disclosure:  We were provided with a sample package of coffee so we could do this review. Opinions       are strictly our own however.

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